Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (63)

When he saw all the zombies rushing towards Huo Junhan, Lu Zhihai couldn’t help but show a smug smile thinking of how he was blessed to survive, while this man would be gnawed on by zombies with nothing left.

It was a pity that the young lady next to him wasn’t able to differentiate between right and wrong. He had gotten into the car but was confused as to why some hadn’t followed him. He didn’t think anymore and saw his foolish teammates standing in the same place. He roughly kicked his door before yelling at them. “What are you doing?! Drive this young master away as soon as possible!”

“Hai…Hai…Young master Hai….” The users besides him were still, their faces drained of all color. They all were staring in a certain direction with horror, their words incoherent and unstable, as if they had just seen the gates of hell opening.

All the users who were still alive and breathing were also like this. Frightened and unmoving. Even if they had a chance to escape, they never moved.

Lu Zhihai frowned and followed their line of sight. His face quickly changed, his soul almost leaving his body.

More than thirty zombies were pouncing on the rest of his men, moving quicker than the last, almost as if they were playing a game of who could eat the most. It didn’t matter who was in their way, they would be devoured. Even if all the high-ranking users banded together in S City, they couldn’t guarantee that all these zombies will be killed.

But…it seemed that there was one person who could accomplish this.

The man standing in the center of all this was still holding his girl in his arms. His ice-blue eyes were bloodshot, his normally handsome and aloof face looked monstrous.

The sand beneath him swept up, sharp wind blades surrounded him. With precise movement the wind blades struck the zombies, cutting off all chances of resurrection.

His expression never changed once. He did not look like a human but rather a higher deity that had descended to a broken Earth. His bloody eyes stared ahead, looking like evil spirits who had crawled out of hell. He was a beautiful nightmare.

He casted the zombies around him an indifferent gaze, the blood from their bodies not having any effect on him. Then he raised his hand and clenched it. Five higher-ranked zombies that were pouncing on him suddenly exploded in mid-air.

With all the fighting going around the man, and the number of high-ranking zombies still surrounding him, he was still holding Shen Mubai in his arms.

The girl was tucked into his windbreaker, not a drop of blood could be seen on her. Her fluffy head poked out, resting on his chest and was motionless as if she was asleep.

However Shen Mubai was currently crying to the system: “System, I’m so thin, can’t they wait until I gain a bit more weight before making me their meal.”

System: “If one is starving, who will wait until the pig is fat to eat it?!”

When Shen Mubai heard this, she burst into tears and said, “But I heard that it wasn’t good to eat spareribs.” 1

System: “…” Shameless woman! Ribs are still ribs!

Back on Huo Junhan’s side, the wind blades seemed to have sharpened and caused deeper wounds on the zombies. These were high-ranked zombies whose skin was impenetrable by anyone who was weaker than them.

But Huo Junhan achieved this easily.

The zombies couldn’t help but show deep fear. They started to hesitate. Although the girl’s flesh and blood was a free upgrade, they would not put their lives at stake for her.


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