Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 — This Male Lead is a bit Crazy (55) 

Being the strongest base, City S had highly protective walls that had electric wires lining the top. If an attack occurred, zombies who climbed the wall would be burnt to a crisp.

But Huo Junhan never put these protective measures in his eyes; he had never paid any attention to the walls and tall doors that City S was proud of.

Shen Mubai glanced at the man next to her. She asked the system, “Who is more powerful, him or the Zombie King?”

System: “Right now, they are equals.”

She went silent and immersed herself in feelings of desolation.

System was silent for a while too. “Have more trust in him.”

Shen Mubai: “Should I trust him to not eat me?”

One person, one system, both fell into silence.

Base S’s entry and exit inspection was strict, and while Huo Junhan and Shen Mubai underwent security check,  the exit inspectors couldn’t help but sneaking glances at the pair. The tall, handsome man with his ice-blue eyes glanced at the inspectors. They felt a cold chill run through them and quickly retracted their gazes.

After checking the two, the inspector said, “You can go.”

Just as they were about to leave the base, there was a shout behind them, “Wait a minute!”

Shen Mubai looked behind them and saw more than twenty people dressed in the same clothes and heavily equipped. In front, there was a handsome man, and perhaps because he felt her stare, his eyes were especially bright, his refreshing face contorting into an over-enthusiastic smile.

This handsome man was Lu Zhihai, who had come bearing twenty high-leveled ability users.

The person who had shouted them, however, wasn’t him, but the registrar of the mission office. The registrar came up to them, breathless, and said, “You can’t leave yet.”

Seeing Lu Zhihai, the registrar straightened his body a little and called out to him in a somewhat flattering tone, “Young master Hai?”

Lu Zhihai was focused on the girl in front of him and nodded absent-mindedly at the registrar.

Getting the affirmation he needed, the registrar acted accordingly and turned to Shen Mubai. “I was wrong before. This task requires five or more users. You only have two people, but luckily, these people also wanted to take this task. I’m sure you know the rules of the base—once you take this task, you cannot quit, so I suggest you take these people with you.”

This Level A task originally only required at least three lower-leveled users to work together, but because Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan both possessed rare, level two powers, they were able to qualify for the assignment.

But now, this registrar had suddenly changed the requirements. Looking at the twenty power-users in from of them, who couldn’t hide their threatening aura, one could only imagine what they were thinking.

If it were someone else, they would certainly be unwilling to join a huge team., since they would have to fight for their portion of the rewards.

But Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan just wanted to leave the base, and they had no interest in the generous reward.

Shen Mubai looked at the man next to her questioningly.

But he was not looking at her, his attention was on Lu Zhihai, the air around him getting colder and colder.

The other team felt the unusual atmosphere and looked at each other in confusion, but decided to treat Huo Junhan and Shen Mubai with vigilance.

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