Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (49)

The woman, still ignorant of her situation, turned around with the flowers happily smiling, only to be impatiently thrown away by Lu Zhihai.

Her eyes widened in surprise and confusion, “Haixiao?”

When Lu Zhihai thought of the girl that he had seen, he no longer wanted in the woman by his side, instead turning all his attention to this new object of interest. He showed impatience as he coldly said, “I’m tired of you. Don’t you dare show up in front of me from here on out.”

The woman panicked and wanted to step forward and grab his hand, but she froze at the cold and disgusted look he threw at her.

He did not hesitate before turning around and leaving, his mind already occupied with this new girl, thinking about how to gain her affection.

The woman was left collapsed on the ground in despair. She looked at Lu Zhihai’s back in dismay. Suddenly, as if possessed, she jumped up and ran forward, wailing, “Lu Zhihai! I beg you, don’t leave me behind!”

She couldn’t even touch his shirt before she was dragged back and thrown aside without any mercy.


Lu Zhihai gathered all the information he could about the girl and the man. He wandered about his room for a few minutes. The girl’s face constantly invaded his thoughts, and he couldn’t help but yearn to make her his.

“Keep an eye on them and let me know if anything comes up.”

As for the man, he didn’t pay much attention to him. Even if he joined the base, he had many ways to kill him off, not to mention he was only a level 2 thunder user.


After a few days, the system detected energy stone fluctuations again. The same day, Shen Mubai finally got off her period.

The source of the energy fluctuations was still located in the Southeast market. After making a few more rounds, the system suddenly spoke up and pinpointed the energy stone.

She saw a stall full of fish tanks. The owner looked sadly at the passer-bys and sighed when he saw the fat man next to him selling ornaments and the booming business.

A few days ago, when he was out on a mission, he accidentally found dozens of goldfish. His comrades knew they could not persuade him otherwise so they let him be. He bought a fish tank for the fish and planned set up the stall but was called back by them due to an urgent matter.

He came in extra early to set up the stall but he still could not catch a deal. Thinking of the points he spent, he couldn’t help but feel loss and regret.

Just as he was thinking of packing up and leaving, a sweet voice appeared next to his ears, “Sir, how much are you selling your fish for?”

He quickly lifted his head and said, “My goldfish are cheap and inexpensive.”

He wasn’t very talkative to begin with, so when he saw the beautiful little girl he was tongue-tied and failed to mention the actual price.

But soon a chilling gaze fell upon him. For a moment he couldn’t move, but he slowly turned his head and felt a tremor run through him when he met those blue 1 eyes.

Shen Mubai knew the specific fish tank the energy stone was in, so she didn’t rush to buy it but pretended to carefully look at each individual tank. Finally, she pointed to the one with the energy stone and said to the boss, “That one, please.”

VIS: Lol, ML what chu gonna do now. She’s still trynna get you energy stones, will you use them? Or will you be jealous she’s paying more attention to fish >.>

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