Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (48)

Although Shen Mubai didn’t understand the motive behind his unusual behavior, she was still happy to receive the flowers. The small daisies were not as colorful as the roses, but they were still unique in their own way. They certainly held a charm that brightened up a person’s mood.

“If he wasn’t the way he is now, an insane zombie, I would have thought he liked me…” Shen Mubai lamented to the system.

System: “Where did you get the confidence to say that?”

Shen Mubai: “My face.”

System: “Don’t worry, in the next world you will definitely not have this kind of confidence.”

Shen Mubai: “….Are you in love with me?”

The system was shocked by her remark, unable to digest it. It was just a piece of data! Where did she get this kind of confidence…?

Shen Mubai felt wronged. “If not, then why is your tone always strange whenever you talk about the male lead? How can I not think so?”

System: “…Stop having unrealistic fantasies.”

As if what Shen Mubai had said wasn’t bad enough, she continued and said, “If you give me a pile of food, maybe I’ll stop.”

System: “…” It was convinced she had a few loose screws.

Shen Mubai didn’t think that the male lead really liked her. In her opinion, she was just a way for him to upgrade. And now, a pet that he teased occasionally.

Huo Junhan handed her the flowers as if on a whim. After leaving the flower stall, he glanced back towards Shen Mubai and uttered a few cold words, “Keep up.”

Fortunately, the flowers were not heavy. Shen Mubai’s heart skipped a beat in fear when she heard his words, and she quickly complied with his command.


A women dressed in a white lace skirt leaned her body on the man next to her, delicately asking, “It’s so hot, are you finished?”

The man was wearing a military uniform and had a retinue of guards following behind him, cutting through the people in the market.

This man was the beloved son of the base’s leader, but his personality wasn’t the best. A player through and through, he robbed the hearts of women left and right. However, even in the apocalypse, the common people could only endure the hardships inflicted by people in power.

“Babe, I’ll have someone buy you an umbrella.” Lu Zhihai lifted the woman’s chin with his finger and showed a flirtatious smile.  

“Haixiao, I want a lace umbrella.” She said in a sickly sweet voice.

Lu Zhihai’s eyes flashed, and he let go of her chin. He gave a few commands to his subordinates.

The woman, unaware of the situation about to befall her, scanned the market and stopped when she saw the flowers. Her eyes shined brightly as she pointed to them and said to Lu Zhihai, “Haixiao, I want some flowers, too.”

He looked at the flowers and began to order them. However, he incidentally caught sight of a figure and his eyes stopped.

The girl was holding white daisies, her jade like face tilted towards the tall man next to her, revealing her slender neck. Her delicate skin seemed to glow under the scorching sun, and her black hair fluttered in the wind.

When the girl disappeared, Lu Zhihai recollected himself and, his eyes filled with amazement, hastily barked at one of the  guards, “Go and get information about that girl just now.” He lowered his voice and added, “And about that man, find out what their relationship is.”

VIS: #shook, where did this man come from??? Our MC hasn’t even begun to put the ML in her eyes and now the author is throwing in another man *cries in the corner, lights infinity sticks for ML and Lu Zhihai* 

Editor: Elaine <3

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