Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (46)

Shen Mubai almost felt that he knew what she was. She hesitated, then asked the system, “Is it possible that he has found something?”

System: “Be careful.”

She felt a bit irked, “What else can you say besides that sentence?”

System: “Don’t die.”


The Southeast Trade Fair was a lot more high-end than any other market in the base. Whether you were selling or buying, you had to pay a fee. Therefore, the people who could enter were generally rich or had something going for them.

After handing in a certain amount of nuclei, the two people entered the market. They studied the spacious area.

The items sold here would definitely be of higher quality and value than those at other markets.

The environment was good too, and the noise was at a reasonable level (?). Most of the people here came looking for items to buy; if they saw something interesting, they would squat down and talk it out with the vendor.

Shen Mubai saw a man pick up a pill and examine it before purchasing it from the seller. The number of points exchanged in the transaction was quite high.

Overhead, the sun glared down on them. After a few rounds through the market, Shen Mubai’s face had a red tinge, while Huo Junhan remained his original color.

He saw the layer of sweat on the girl’s forehead. His eyes emotionless, he reached out and held the girl’s small hand.

Shen Mubai felt her left hand being suddenly grabbed, and a refreshing coolness enveloped her. The dryness and heat she felt dissipated, bringing a sense of comfort.

Shen Mubai raised her head and looked at the man next to her, who stared straight ahead. His expression was serene, attracting many women’s glances.

Some of them openly checked him out. Shen Mubai only felt that something was wrong with this man recently, but she couldn’t pinpoint anything specifically, so she just endured it.

After another lap, the system told Shen Mubai that the fluctuation had disappeared. While it was regrettable, at least it was an excuse to get out of the sun.

She raised her head to tell the man but saw his gaze focused on a certain stall. She looked over curiously and saw a white-haired lady selling flowers. The flower pots were beautiful and contained a variety of colorful flowers.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, only some animals were infected, but later on, even plants had begun to decay, so to see such beautiful flowers was strange.

People who passed the stall saw the flowers and showed a saddened expression, remembering the past that was filled with laughter and ease.

Perhaps because the price of the flowers were high, or because the need to feed their families was more important, not many people stopped for the flowers.

Shen Mubai was pulled to the stall by Huo Junhan. As they approached, she saw a seven or eight-year old girl stop her mother and point to the flowers with longing. She seemed to like them very much.

The neatly dressed mother took her daughter’s hand, and although she couldn’t bear to crush her daughter’s hope, she said, “Lulu, we can’t afford these flowers.”

The little girl looked at the flowers and said, “Even dad can’t afford them?”

After seeing her mom nod, she raised her head unyielding and responded, “Then I can have one, can’t I?”

VIS: Shen Mubai >.> are you just in denial you…..you….you stupid child

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