Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (43) 

Shen Mubai’s table attracted a lot of attention. Not to mention the already expensive meals, there was a handsome man seated across from a pretty little girl. He hadn’t even moved his chopsticks, simply gazing at his companion. 1  

Even after having just eaten a dinner worth thousands of dollars, the man still remained indifferent. How could they not feel envious? The women looked at their own companions and couldn’t help but feel discontent.

Some of the other diners obviously noticed Huo Junhan and ordered their associates to investigate his identity.

Facing the abnormal amount of food and the pressure from other customers, Shen Mubai remained as calm as Mount Tai.

Fortunately, the portions weren’t large. It was shameful to waste food, so Shen Mubai didn’t leave anything out.

The others watched Shen Mubai belch loudly.

Everyone: “…” It turned out the most frightening thing wasn’t looking at zombies, but this foodie.

Some diners worried that Huo Junhan would go bankrupt, but he paid the bill without any hassle.

Smiling warmly as he watched the couple leave, the waiter remembered the number of points left on their card. His legs nearly gave out on the spot. Just who was this man?

On Shen Mubai’s side, she herself did not know the amount of points they had paid for the dinner, but judging by the waiters expression, she guessed that it was an awfully large amount.

The S base was rich in resources, but even then, all lights, except for those in special facilities, would be turned off after nine o’clock.

In the base, people did not have to be as afraid as before. Outside, ability users were patrolling in shifts, and in case of any major incident, there were alarms that would notify the entire base.

Shen Mubai’s state of mind at this moment was pure bliss.

She had just climbed onto the sofa and closed her eyes, but before she could succumb to darkness, she was caught by the male lead. She didn’t even have the time to complain before she felt the soft touch of the bed beneath her.

The tall man’s body lay down besides her, his arms wrapped around her waist as he held her close to him. A cold voice echoed softly. “Sleep.”

In the dark, Shen Mubai could not see the look on Huo Junhan’s face. She was silent for a moment, then said to the system, “System, I think…”

System: “Hmmm?”

Shen Mubai’s voice fluttered slightly. “This bed is so soft.”

System: “…” What else was it expecting from this spicy chicken feet loving host?

The bed was soft and her belly was full, and even though she lay in the arms of a psycho, Shen Mubai soon fell asleep.


Shen Mubai woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding pain. Her body felt cold and hot at the same time. She felt sticky and wet and knew that her long-lost auntie 2 had come to visit her.

Cramps are a problem that could not be shaken away even after changing bodies. Shen Mubai could not see, but she knew that her face was as white as a sheet of paper.

She couldn’t feel the tight hold of the male lead and did not know how long he would be gone.

Shen Mubai felt like a gasping fish out of water. She lay on the bed without moving, her eyes empty.

However, she begged the system, “System, can you get me a bag of pads?”

System: “Cannot, the man is still here.”

Shen Mubai was stunned and looked around. When she found nobody, she said angrily, “In the room my a*s!”

System: “…”

VIS: long-lost auntie means her period…if you couldn’t guess

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