Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (41) 

Su Yuqing, who was frozen on the side, was ecstatic after she recovered from her shock and fear. She fantasized that he was there to save her. Her big eyes, previously filled with panic, softened, and her face showed her admiration and gratefulness, coming off as a weak maiden being saved by her hero.

At the same time, the wheels in her mind turned. Even the supreme leaders of the base didn’t have the ability to completely obliterate a person into nothing, but the man in front of her had done so easily, leaving Su Yuqing surprised and proud.

Huo Junhan looked down at the woman in front of him like he was looking at an ant.

Despite the force of his powers, Su Yuqing couldn’t help but raise her head.

Her smile had yet to blossom before a look of horror and dismay appeared in her beautiful eyes.

The man just stared at her, his face beautifully emotionless. His ice-blue eyes were chillingly indifferent, making her shudder.

Huo Junhan stretched out a slender, bony hand and grabbed her delicate, fragile neck. Without any exertion, he cracked it sideways.

All the emotions and words stuck in her throat would never be uttered. Till her last breath, Su Yuqing still did not understand why everything was so different from what she had expected.

At this moment, Shen Mubai, in her room, was notified by the system..

“Su Yuqing is dead.”

Shen Mubai: “How did she die?”

System: “The man killed her.”

Shen Mubai: “Why did he kill her?”

System: “I don’t know.”

Shen Mubai was somewhat shocked. She wasn’t a good person, so naturally she didn’t care about the death of a bad person. What she could not understand was that although the man was a bit crazy, he would never take the initiative to kill people who had nothing to do with him.

Why did the man kill Su Yuqing? And he had just met her, too… There was no way Su Yuqing would intentionally seek trouble.

Shen Mubai thought deeply and came to the conclusion that it was most likely because she was the male lead’s pet, his stored food stock. Knowing his slightly insane temper, killing Su Yuqing was not impossible.

She tearfully told the system, “I can’t afford to accept his love.”

System: “You say you can’t afford it, yet you eat his food, drink his water and use him everyday.”

Shen Mubai: “… …” Why did she feel like the system’s tone was a bit strange just now?

The system stopped talking after saying that.

The door clicked as Huo Junhan walked in. He wore a black windbreaker, his arrogant demeanor shining as he slightly raised his head, showing off his sharp jaw. His ice-blue eyes locked onto Shen Mubai, who was sitting on the floor next to the sofa while eating pistachios.

She didn’t know if it was just her, but she smelled a faint smell of blood.

The base only provided an hour of bath water every day, and there were restrictions on its use. Shen Mubai had showered ten minutes ago. She looked at the man closing the bathroom door and wondered what to eat for dinner.

The problem was quickly resolved when Huo Junhan came out of the bathroom and said, “Let’s go.”

There a small restaurant in the base’s catering area.

In the base, the food of ordinary people was mostly biscuits, bread and other supplementary food. People who could afford meat and vegetables had to have a lot of status in the base and in their respective families.

VIS: oKKKAY, from here on out you guys get to see some nice and cute interactions with the ML and our stupid MC. To answer your burning question: Our beloved MC remains clueless…forever. … ah she’s something special.

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