Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (40) 

In the apocalypse, the most terrifying thing wasn’t the zombies but the people. Humans were the most disgusting — they would betray and conspire against their own comrades, even if they were close. Several of the spectators had experienced this tragic fact themselves and scowled on the spot. How hateful.

There were people among the crowd who had started to curse Su Yuqing. Others naturally followed and threw all kinds of garbage and foul words at her.

Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan had already left the crowded area. She looked back at Su Yuqing and, despite seeing her being treated so badly by people, she thought, “I still want to hit her.”

The system showed rare support and said, “Beat her up, but remember to wear a mask.”

Shen Mubai rubbed her hands together and started to formulate a plan.

After returning to their room, Huo Junhan left again.

Shen Mubai thought he was just going out to kill some zombies, so she didn’t think much about it.

Meanwhile, Su Yuqing had finally found an opportunity to escape the crazy crowd. She exchanged a few points in order to take a shower in the public bathroom. The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t come to terms with her situation in comparison to Song Qingqing. Su Yuqing almost went insane with jealousy.

After cleaning her body, Sy Yuqing went on about her day and seduced a man in a remote alley for dinner.

The man knew that the girl in front of him definitely was not as pure as her appearance. He finally got impatient and forcefully kissed her. “Little beauty, let’s do it.”

Su Yuqing felt extremely disgusted but couldn’t refuse him and played along, saying a few words in a delicate voice.

The ugly man’s fat head and big ears were an eyesore. Su Yuqing could not help but think about the man from before. Even though he had only been standing there, his temperament and serious expression made her want him more than any man before. The disgust in her heart grew the more she stared at the gross man in front of her, so she buried her head in his shoulders and cried out, “Please be gentle.”

The guy felt his heart being tugged and the desire in him grow stronger, so instead of slowing down, he actually increased his actions.

Su Yuqing felt a burst of twisted self-confidence. No man who had been with her could resist becoming infatuated with her body. If only that handsome man would give her one chance… Just one try!

When the man, drowning in pleasure, suddenly caught a glimpse of a tall figure drawing closer, he was frightened and felt a layer of cold sweat form. “Who’s there!”


Any couple who was interrupted during their time alone would not be pleased.

The tall man stepped into the light. His ice-blue eyes, without any emotions, glanced coldly at the man with the fat head and big ears. He coldly commanded, “Get lost!”

The fat man also had level two powers, and after hearing this sentence, his face immediately changed. Fueled by his embarrassment, he became extremely angry. “You dare tell me to get lost? Let’s see if you have the ability to!”

All he saw was his opponent raise his hand. The next moment, before he could retaliate, he had turned into a pool of blood and disappeared into the ground without a sound, leaving no trace of a human being.

VIS: Oh nooo. An innocent man died. I feel so sad. What ever should we do now?? How many others will die the same death???? 

Hope everyone is having a nice new start to 2019. Ew, gross. 2019. Is it just me or does the new year lowkey scare you??

Editor: elaine 

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