Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 — This Male Lead is a Bit Sick (36) 

Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan were standing in the middle of the line.

But first, let’s rewind to a few days prior….

After leaving the group, Shen Mubai hinted to Huo Junhan that they should travel to S City. When she got no response, she hopelessly squatted in the corner and started gnawing on chicken feet.

“System, what do we do?”

System: “What do you mean ‘we’? I can’t do anything.”

Ah, so the system really was unreliable. She continued to suck on the feet. (TL: what a kink)

She was lifted by her collar and was tossed across Huo Junhan’s shoulder. Shen Mubai face paled and glared at his back as she said, “We can talk normally, you do not need to carry me like this.”

Huo Junhan coldly glanced at her

Shen Mubai: “….” Truth be told, if Huo Junhan was still human, he’d be doomed to eternal loneliness.

She squirmed around until she shifted herself to a piggybacking position.

Huo Junhan glanced at her greasy hands but did not say anything else.

It wasn’t easy entering S City. Not only did ordinary people have to possess an insane amount of crystal nuclei, but they also had to pass an extensive health test. If the guards found anything abnormal, or saw signs of an infection anywhere, the person would be immediately rejected and escorted out.

Shen Mubai originally planned to enter the base alone and find the third energy stone. After all, this guy wasn’t human. But he ignored her protests and firmly grasped Shen Mubai by her collar as she tried to escape.

Seeing the guards approaching, Shen Mubai went limp like a dead fish and waited for a complete riot to ensue.

An inspector stopped them and said, “Tell me your name and powers?”

“Song QingQing, super strength.”

The inspector lazily looked up but went stiff as he glanced at the man next to the girl.

The temperament and the appearance of the other party was just too outstanding; he looked completely out of place with the current, dirty surroundings. Like a diamond next to dull rocks. Even the other female inspectors couldn’t help but glance over— although they had seen their share of excellent men, this one stood out the most. They stuttered, “Please step up to the machine for examination.”

Shen Mubai saw how the women’s eyes latched onto Huo Junhan and couldn’t help but think that even in the apocalypse, the world still revolved around looks.

When Shen Mubai was about to step up, she was again grabbed by the man behind her. His cold voice struck deep within their souls, “We go together.”

Only then did the receptionist girl notice Shen Mubai, who was beautifully poised next to Huo Junhan, and the intimacy between the two. She looked as if she had just been hit with a big realization, and her fantasies were instantly blown away.

After asking a few questions, the woman stared at the two people with some disappointment and said in low spirits, “Next.”

The two examination machines were used to detect the abilities of the person and health and body condition.

The inspector was somewhat surprised at Shen Mubai’s outstanding results; however, her attention soon moved to focus on the man.

As he stood in front of the testing machines, the chart spiked abnormally before finally settling down.

“Level 2 thunder…Thunder abilities.” The inspector said with some surprise.

The recorder beside her asked, “Should we document this?”

The inspector nodded, “Of course.”

VIS: Okay, you guys hate me. I hate myself too. But I don’t care (cares very much). I went on a mini hiatus cause uhhhh finals…ALSO I was crying a lot cause I’m going to fail everything in life. But that’s okay. Cause I’m back. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, uhhh mistletoe.

Also, we’re almost half way done with this zombie arc…and we still haven’t heard the ML talk more than a few sentences…it’s okay, cause apparently he’s really really hot.

Editor: Elaine (<3)

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