Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (35)

Therefore, she put the crystal nucleus in the hands of Qin Yifeng without any hesitation. “This is what I picked up, so I will give it to you.”

Qin Yifeng, “…The crystal nuclei of a level-four zombie can also be casually picked up?”

Shen Mubai’s bright face nodded, “You can’t envy my luck.”

Qin Yifeng, “… … … … … …”

In the end, Qin Yifeng chose not to take it. Although he felt heartache, he could not be too unreasonable. What’s more, the pressure behind him had increased and had straight up turned into killing intent.

Like a nightmare come to life, a cold voice entered his ears, “Get up.”

Shen Mubai got up and left with Huo Junhan carrying her.

Qin Yifeng’s eyes couldn’t help but follow their backs as they left. A strange feeling arose in his heart. That man whose dangerous strength was unparalleled, who had an unpredictable personality, also had a strong desire to monopolize everything around him.

Monopolizing? He was stunned, but he understood. His heart turned bitter, and he felt an overwhelming sense of powerlessness.

Shen Mubai was taken outside by Huo Junhan.

The moment her feet touched the ground, she took out the jade and excitedly said, “Here it is.”

Huo Junhan stared at the energy stone with his eyes drooping, hiding the emotions in his eyes.

Shen Mubai did not notice the male lead’s behavior. She asked the system, “How many energy stones do we need to find?”

The system responded, “Right now, the progress of the task is 50%. There are probably two more.”

Shen Mubai: “System, do you know where the remaining two are?”

It took awhile for the system to reply, “One of them is in S City.”

Shen Mubai thought for a minute and said, “I didn’t think you would actually be able to answer me.”

System: “…” Was it too much to ask for a little praise from this girl?

Huo Junhan picked up the energy stone, tightly clenched it in his fist, then relaxed his hand to show the crushed energy stone.

The voice of the system echoed in her mind, “Nevermind, three more.”

Shen Mubai: “…I’m going to beat him up.”

System: “You can try.”

Shen Mubai cried.

Huo Junhan’s pair of ice-blue eyes stared at her. A indescribable look appeared on his handsome face. His tone was cold as he asked, “Are you unhappy?”

“No.” She said, against her will.

Huo Junhan’s sight fell upon the team and turned to Shen Mubai. “Let’s go.”

He turned around, his slender and tall figure walking into the night.

Shen Mubai looked back at where the team was residing and said, “Can I do this?”

Obviously there was nothing connecting them, but Shen Mubai felt a creeping sensation crawling up her back. She had intended to say goodbye to them, but it seems that that wasn’t possible.

Shen Mubai turned to look back at the team. From the front, a voice softly asked, “You can’t bear to part with them?”

Although there was clearly no emotion in his voice, Shen Mubai still felt her hair stand on end. She had originally wanted to say goodbye to a few people, but in the end she decided to surrender to the evil force (referring to Huo Junhan).

Nowadays, S City was filled with people yearning for an ordinary life, which was, effectively, a miracle.

Ordinary people and ability users alike yearned to enter S City’s base, but there were many difficult obstacles to cross.

The S City’s base was located at the heart of the city. The doors were heavily guarded and the entire property was fenced in so no zombies could infiltrate. There was always a special team of ability users patrolling the nearby area as well.

After crossing the first post, there were two long lines of people leading all the way to the base, one for regular humans, one for ability users.

VIS: Ah, feels sad, Huo Junhan just took her away from potential threat lol. Kinda mad but wutever, hope they reunite their forbidden love T-T

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