Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (32)

He stared at the girl in front of him for a few seconds before he bit his lip and said, “Don’t drag me down.”

Concern laced his voice as he turned around and quickly annihilated the first zombie to reach him.

Shen Mubai grabbed an iron rod and immediately bashed in the head of a zombie.

Brain fluid flew everywhere as the disfigured, bloody head became detached from the zombie’s neck and fell to the ground, becoming a sticky mess around her.

Originally worried about Shen Mubai, Qin Yifeng stopped and stared at her with a blank look.

Because of the distraction, he was almost bitten by a zombie.

He burned the zombie quickly, and Shen Mubai joked, “Should you be worried, or should I?”

Qin Yifeng gave her a complicated look, possibly having lost a bit of his soul. “I didn’t expect you to be so fierce.”

He shifted a little a stabbed another incoming zombie.

Shen Mubai didn’t understand what happened and asked the system, “What’s wrong with him?”

System: “It’s his desire for power.”

Shen Mubai: “…Can you be a bit more serious about this system?”

The system coldly retreated.

More than a dozen zombies were quickly cleared by the two-man team, and although Shen Changqing and the other team members had a minor accident with a zombie, they had safely made it to the car.

At this critical moment, however, the glass of the supermarket was shattered and the zombies were chaotically swarming out of the market. Several of the zombies had run amuck and were making their way over to the team.

Qin Yifeng felt troubled and grabbed Shen Mubai’s hand and anxiously said, “Run.”

Shen Changqing had already started the car, and when he saw the scene in front of him, he began to speed towards them.

Just as the two sides were approaching, a new horde of zombies made their way to the market. Qin Yifeng had to change his path but found out that there were zombies coming from both the gas station and the supermarket.

AdvertisementCold sweat was running down his back, his hands and feet went stiff, and his heart was beating out of his chest. At this moment, Qin Yifeng, only an eighteen-year-old teenager, almost collapsed.

The dense crowd of zombies was terrifying and feeling Qin Yifeng’s cold sweat, Shen Mubai asked the system, “System, what should I do?”

System: “Stick to it until your golden thigh comes back.”

Shen Changqing, who was driving the car, was already surrounded by zombies. They had to leave the car to deal with the zombies.

Everyone was desperate to survive.

For fear of attracting the attention from the rest of the zombies not coming at them, the team didn’t use guns, instead used their powers to break a path for Qin Yifeng.

Qin Yifeng got over his panic and grinded his teeth and said, “Let’s find a way to first join Shen Dage.”

More and more zombies were appearing, like bloody flies.

Shen Mubai and Qin Yifeng were met with one gory and deformed face after the next, all wailing, “嗬嗬嗬”. There really was no time for them to stop and take a breather.

Shen Changqing’s side was also in critical danger. The two groups of humans did not seem to be getting any closer, but rather further and further away.

Qin Yifeng laughed bitterly and lamented, “It seems our days end here.”


VIS: Nooooo, poor Qin Yifeng T-T I cried in the next few chapters thinking of Qin Yifeng


Editor: Elaine <3

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