Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (32)

The carriage stopped in front of Wangdu’s best tailor shop, the servant who was neatly dressed with trimmed moustache extended his left hand and bowed as he elegantly said, “Queen Consort.”

“Mr. Dell [T/N:德烈夫], let me help mother myself.” A beautiful and gentle voice came over, the tone was one that can’t be declined.

Didn’t know when Snow White, who just now was still sitting inside the carriage, had already came out and circled around, placing herself on the Queen’s side of the door.

The horse keeper who was called Mr. Dell gazed to the young girl at the side, her deep black eyes weren’t looking at him who was dumbfounded for a while from seeing her. At this time, Snow White extended one of her hand as a support for the Queen who was climbing down the carriage.

Shen Mubai didn’t think too much about this, only thinking that Snow White was too thin and fragile, she didn’t expect that she would have this much strength in her frail body.

“Inconveniencing you, Mr. Dell, asking you and palace guards to be on stand by outside.” Snow White turned her head and slightly smiled towards him while all the way didn’t let go of the Queen’s hand.

He didn’t realize when the weak and timid girl inside his memory changed this much, Mr. Dell looked at the Snow White who became more beautiful and precious as time passed by, his attitude became humble without him realizing it, “Your Majesty The Princess, this is what we, as you servants, should do.”

The tailor shop’s proprietor was an old man who has white moustache and was wearing presbyopic glasses. He already guessed the two person’s status by their attire and disposition, so he stood up from his chair and welcomed them himself with proper etiquette, “Your Majesty The Queen and Princess, may I know what might you need by coming to this humble shop? This subject will do his best to ensure your satisfaction.”

The people from the palace all bought their attires from this place, because regardless of their quality of the cloth or their design, they were all pleasing to the eye. This tailor shop was the best , even their prices were appropriately priced.

The old tailor brought out the best and popular exquisite and resplendent clothing material they had and explained it to the both of them.

Shen Mubai was lacking in interest towards this kind of thing, although she wasn’t clear what Snow White was truly thinking about this marriage alliance. Just like this time, she brought a bolt of fabric to Snow White, “What do you think about this?”

Snow White curved her brilliant eyes as she smiled, “En, it would be beautiful if mother wears it.”

Shen Mubai choked a little hearing this words that she finally able to open her mouth again after a long time had passed, “I heard the neighbouring country’s prince is really handsome and eminently talented.”

Her deep dark eyes flashed with an eerie light. Snow White lifted her head, her lips brought a slight smile as her line of sight stared fixedly towards the person in front of her, “Does mother want to meet him?”

Shen Mubai, “…no, I’m only curious, that’s all.” boohoo, she didn’t know why she was a bit panicked there.

The darkness inside her eyes gradually dissipated as Snow White used a soft voice and said, “Does mother want to hear what Snow White thinks about this marriage?”

Shen Mubai slightly widened her eyes, she was bewildered, how can you read my mind?

Her throat issued out a low laughter, Snow White lifted her dark red lips, her inky black eyes gazed lovingly, “Mother, do you know what Snow White is thinking right now?”

Shen Mubai thought twice over, “You’re not interested with the Prince?”

Snow White softly smiled and didn’t answer this question. Her gaze looked at the Queen with mystery, she used a gentle and inconceivable tone as she said, “Snow White is thinking how beautiful mother would be if she got married.”

Nani? Shen Mubai was unable to make head or tail from her words that appeared out of nowhere, she said to System, “Snow White is still young, still hasn’t grown up, and now I’m already feeling this generation gap’s existence.”

System wasn’t as foolish as her, it already felt that something was wrong, and so it said indifferently, “You should grow up some awareness.”


I’m gonna postpone my posts since I’m busy. It’s almost the end of the year after all ┐(´д`)┌ Thus the schedule would be around 1 chapter per 2 days now until further notice. Sorry for that. (´・_・`)

And, yeah, Shen Mubai, you should grow up some awareness yo. ( ˘・з・)

Translator: MadPanda

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