Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (31)

They weren’t the only ones that had noticed something was wrong; the rest of the members had gathered and looked outside in fear.

The doors and the windows of the supermarket were being scratched and pounded on by the zombies. Everyone felt a great sense of doom and urgency.

The tall shelves blocked their view of each other, but they could clearly see what was happening outside. Shen Changqing hastily thought of a way out of their current predicament. The supermarket was quickly being completely surrounded by zombies. Any hesitation could cause them to lose their lives. The only way out was to find a way to distract the zombies, escape through the main entrance, and drive the fuck away.

Li Haopeng had checked the abandoned cars before, but none of them could be used. D City was suffering a crisis of incoming zombies, so many people were getting out as quickly as possible, but that didn’t mean it was easy.

Supermarkets would usually have an emergency exit. The team scrambled to find one, only to encounter zombies in their way.

Shen Changqing and the others quickly used their powers to deal with the zombies.

Before they could rush out, Shen Changqing carefully peeked out the doors and was relieved to find that most of the zombies had only gathered at the main entrance.

It was good that the car was a little further away from the supermarket; there were only a few zombies hanging around.

The team slowly crawled towards the car by either crouching or hiding behind objects in their way. The team moved with agility, and any zombie that they encountered was quickly dealt with without making too much noise.

Shen Mubai was in front of Qin Yifeng, who was all the way in the back.

Just a few more feet separated them from the car. Behind Qin Yifeng, a zombie suddenly turned towards them and started rushing towards with with its mouth wide open.

As a reflex, the knife in his hand stabbed the zombie’s neck. After the adrenaline rush, Qin Yifeng slowly let of a sigh… only to be interrupted by the thunderous sound of a glass bottle clattering on the ground. A sense of dread crashed into the teams’ hearts.

When Qin Yifeng had tossed the zombie away, he had accidently bumped into a broom next to a glass bottle, which had shattered as the broom fell over.

The few zombies that had been far away abruptly twisted their heads towards the sound and were now staggering towards the team.

Shen Changqing was about to start the fight, but Qin Yifeng lowered his voice and said, “Captain, you take the team away… I will solve this mess quickly, otherwise it’ll be too late.”

The zombies inside the supermarket doors were constantly gnawing and banging on the windows. Due to the impact, the glass was beginning to shake—it looked like it would break at any second.

Shen Changqing knew that the situation was critical so he nodded and said, “Be careful.”

The team moved out and ran towards the car.

Qin Yifeng looked at Shen Mubai, who hadn’t followed them. “What are you still doing here? Go away!”

His voice angry and displeased with her actions.

Shen Mubai just looked at him and pointed at the five or six more zombies lurching their asses towards them from another direction. “I’m going to stay and watch you play hero.”

Qin Yifeng, “…”

Because of their haste, Shen Changqing had only noticed the nearby zombies and not the other zombies making their way towards them.

Although Qin Yifeng was a second-level fire user, he was not powerful enough to deal with a dozen zombies without alerting the rest of the horde.

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