Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (35)

He walked forward but suddenly stopped, he suddenly turned his head and looked at the young girl while showing his big bright smile, “Next time when you eat chicken leg, remember to wipe your mouth cleanly, Alesia’s new Queen.”

Without waiting for the young girl’s reaction, he turned and left the flower garden.

Shen Mubai looked at his departing figure with an ‘I’m done for’ expression on her face, her heart was shocked, her mind filled with the question on how the heck he discovered that she ate chicken leg.

System said in an indifferent manner, “Brain is a wonderful thing, hope that you also have one.”

An almost gnawed bone appeared inside her line of sight, and thinking from where the man stood up just now, Shen Mubai’s heart was in despair as she falteringly opened her mouth, “System, that man just now, he couldn’t be the neighbouring country’s prince, right?”

System said, “That’s right, you’re so smart ah.”

Shen Mubai wailed.

System was untouched, it even laughed a bit in glee.

“Lady Belliza [贝丽莎], you can’t go out, please quickly come back with me.” A voice showing obvious impatience sounded over.

Shen Mubai who was wallowing in her despair and sorrow lifted her eyes and saw that a young girl was walking over from afar, behind her was a maidservant nervously wishing to pull her back.

“Go away! You’re just a low servant! What qualification do you have to touch me?!” The young girl yelled out a piercing scold, her manner was absolutely arrogant and resentful.

“You ran out so boldly, if His Majesty the King knew, he would get angry!” The maid couldn’t help but warned her.

Perhaps hearing ‘His Majesty the King’ this four words, the young girl’s tone weakened down, but she still wasn’t reconciled, “Then what? I only want to see the Prince…”

“Stop talking, Lady Belliza!” The maid slightly raised her tone, her words were spoken nervously.

When the two person pulled and pushed, Shen Mubai walked closer before them, “What are you all doing?”

As if didn’t expecting that there would be anyone else inside the garden, the two people lightly jumped in fright. When the young girl revealed a discontented look, her maidservant pulled her with a panic-stricken expression, hastily pressed the young girl’s head down while forcing a greeting, “Queen Consort.”

When the struggling young girl heard this sentence, her figure shrunk back a little. She lowered her head deeper, her aggressive arrogance vanished as she gave a greeting with a soft voice, “Queen Consort.”

Shen Mubai scrutinized them with a glance, her face showing a haughty look as she lightly said. “I just heard that you both mentioned something about the Prince.”

The maid hurriedly lifted her head, “It’s like this, Queen, she’s the Foreign Minister’s daughter, heard that the neighbouring country’s Prince is gifted with brilliance and handsome look, so wishing to have a glimpse of the Prince himself. It’s just, this doesn’t conform with the etiquette, so this servant wanted to hold her back, lest His Majesty the King might get angry if he knew about this.”

Looking at the young girl’s lowered head, Shen Mubai suddenly said, “It seemed that I haven’t seen you before.”

Without waiting the young girl’s answer, the maid beside her rushed and said, “Answering the Queen, Your Majesty not seeing her is something normal, today is Lady Belliza and this servant’s fault for lacking courtesy, we’re extremely apologetic about that. This servant would now escort Lady to Foreign Minister, after all, the grand banquet will quickly arrive, we won’t be bothering Your Majesty anymore.”

When the maid talked this sentence, her expression was absolutely impatient, apart from this, there’s a bit of nervousness and fear revealed.

The young and beautiful Queen slightly narrowed her eyes, “Raise your head and let me take a look.”


A thick concoction of palace drama is in the air~ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Translator: MadPanda

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