Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 — The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (18)

The water was so clear Shen Mubai could see the riverbed underneath her feet—she could even see small fish swimming around her! She wiped away her drool and tried to suppress the evil thoughts in her heart. Shen Mubai said to herself, “They are just fish babies, you have to let them go.”

Shen Mubai started to furiously scrub herself until her skin turned red. It was stained with mud and needed a thorough cleaning. She couldn’t imagine those who had only three baths in their entire lifetime… Would they also shed masses of mud like her?

Huo Junhan kept his eyes closed during the entire bathing process. There was a difference between men and women. However, Shen Mubai knew that he was a zombie who wouldn’t reshape his outlook on life and simply didn’t care about it. She was only food in his eyes.

So, she didn’t care about being naked in front of him.

Shen Mubai felt as clean as a baby. She touched her stomach and thought it would be nice…

To have a nice, hot meal.

But she understood that it was the apocalypse, and she was already super lucky to have found Huo Junhan to provide for her. She was content with how things were going. (TL: What about your mission babe…)

Looking at the man who still had his eyes closed, Shen Mubai found his appearance breathtaking. Every part of his five senses seemed to be carefully sculpted by the gods. Perhaps because he was a zombie, his wheat-colored skin had turned a bit pale. His handsome, grim face was enhanced by his deep-set ice-blue eyes. He really was a mixed-blood beauty.

Shen Mubai didn’t get to look for long, though; Huo Junhan suddenly opened his eyes, startling her. He was no fun.

The scenery around the small river was very pretty. Shen Mubai guessed that Huo Junhan had brought her to the countryside, where they’d be surrounded by mountains and rivers and shaded by trees. Little houses could be seen in the distance; it was similar to what would be seen on TV.

Looking at the place, she would never think that the world was already in an apocalyptic state.

Shen Mubai looked off into the distance for a while… not daring to stare at the fish in the water.

She suddenly thought of something and asked the system, “Ah, system, why do I have no powers?”

The system said, “Did Su Yuqing having any power?”

“But we are different people. Does that mean I never had the potential to gain an ability because I’m possessing her body?”

“Yes.” The system said.

FML. Shen Mubai told the system, “You can’t do that ah have you ever heard of completing a mission without any powers!”

“You didn’t add punctuation, where are your periods and commas, I do not understand,” said the system.

AdvertisementShen Mubai: “…..”

Glancing at the water, Shen Mubai said to the system, “System, I’ll forgive you if you make these fish bigger for me.”

The system said, “I can’t help you.”
Shen Mubai thought the system was pulling her leg again, so she hounded it for a bit longer.
Usually, the system would give in if she pestered it enough, but this time it refused to relent.

Shen Mubai tried again, “Why are you like this?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to help, I just can’t help you.” The system said.


“Because it will be discovered by Huo Junhan.”

Shen Mubai made a dumb face.

The system explained, “When I helped you last time, Huo Junhan had already started to harbor suspicions. He’s a very keen man. If this continues, even if he doesn’t know what I am, he’ll know that I exist.”


VIS: I think I will start to update every Sunday instead, but enjoy lol, wait for the next few chapters, things start to move along real nicely dw. Also, Vin has a harem so if yall read Rebirth Of the Film Emperors Beloved Wife, I suggest you forget her being cute, hmph. She’s anything but. (jk ily)

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