Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (14)

As the big man smashed into the wall, his two other men quickly overcame their shock and immediately summoned up their abilities.

One of them had fire abilities, so he summoned a huge fireball and quickly threw it at Huo Junhan. Huo Junhan lifted his hand, and the fireball stopped mid-air. It suddenly split in two and reversed its trajectory back towards the two men.

The other person was a level-three earth user. Originally, he wanted to sink the soil beneath the newcomer’s feet, but before he could do so, he was targeted by the other side’s counter-attack. If he hadn’t been quick enough to dodge, he would have been caught by the fire.

The fire user, however, was not so lucky and was struck by his own fireball. It crashed into his chest and quickly spread, forcing a scream out of his mouth. He fell to the ground trying to extinguish the fire.

At this moment, the big man had climbed out of the rubble, a trickle of blood flowing  from the corner of his mouth. His internal organs were severely injured. He wiped his mouth, laughing icily.

A crackling “zizi” sound suddenly filled the place. The earth user called out, “Boss!”

The big man’s hands flashed with lightning, sparks flying as hissing bolts of electricity collided .

Thunder abilities were rare, their strength superior to most other powers. One of the S City’s leaders, a level-five thunder user, was rumored to be able to defeat two level-four zombies alone. Although the big man was only level-three, in a small city like City D, he was the strongest.

With lightning exploding from his hands and feet, he resembled a thunder god. He took a step closer to Huo Junhan, declaring with a cold smile, “I will not let you live!”

Huo Junhan let go of Shen Mubai, his ice-blue eyes steady, never wavering from the big man in front of him.

The big man had never been scorned by anyone before. Facing those fathomless eyes, he felt embarrassed and disdained. Feeling that his pride had been trampled on, he became angry. “I, your father, will show you the difference between Heaven and Earth today!”

Shen Mubai hid a distance away and watched the big man with pity. Big brother, level-three thunder abilities are nothing to Huo Junhan! If you had seen the master obliterate a level-five zombie earlier today you would not be talking so arrogantly.

Although the big man was confident in himself, he was not conceited to the point of no return. He was carefully observing Huo Junhan, trying to see a crack in his defense. At the same time, he launched the violently crackling lightning at Huo Junhan.

The speed of the thunderbolt was so fast that the big man was sure the Huo Junhan would be hit, but Huo Junhan swiftly reacted. He held up a slender hand and threw out a powerful blast of energy.  

The beam of energy collided fiercely with the thunderbolt.

But soon, the lightning bolt slowly started to push the energy ball back, and the big man raised the corners of his lips in triumph. But his smile soon vanished when he noticed something was wrong.

VIS: School has started for me, and I already want to run away lol. Chapter release schedule is one chapter every Friday. Sorry there aren’t a lot of released chapters T-T~ Also, have patience with Shen lol, she’s very lazy but she changes a lot throughout every world~ [Edited-Elaine]

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9 thoughts on “Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 14

  1. Aish. This really makes me pity our powerless FL. She’s stuck as a damsel in distress in this world I’m afraid

    Anyway, thank u for the translations :D!!

    1. Already read this and am about more than halfway in the story (considering its about 3000+ chapters), and I must tell you MC is indeed a damsel in distress. Gahhh! But its a pretty good read, I really love some arcs, while meh on most ones, and some I just downright want to ask the author why…
      I dont want to spoil about ML but he… I dont know… in some arcs I like him… but oh god his yandere keeps on getting worse every arc.

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