Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 — The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (13) 

The big man took the beef jerky and looked at Shen Mubai with eager eyes, “Since you guys can still pawn off beef jerky…your team must really have it well. I’d like to have the pleasure of meeting your teammates.”

Shen Mubai thought, ‘Okay, okay, I welcome you to join me…but I don’t know whether the male lead will welcome you or not.’

Naturally, the big man didn’t know what Shen Mubai was thinking. But he was greedy and believed that Shen Mubai’s team must have had a lot of supplies.

He said forcefully, “I am a very nice person, as long as you are willing to tell me your team’s whereabouts, I will let you go…otherwise, your teammates won’t even be able to find your body.”

This was the apocalypse. It was common to fight for supplies. There was no shortage of murder and arson—threatening a young girl was nothing. These people were living on the verge of death and life, and their so-called moral values had long been forgotten.

“Boss, she doesn’t look like she’s all that powerful.” The man who stood beside him looked at Shen Mubai.

Big man also carefully observed Shen Mubai, then suddenly smiled, “I didn’t think this would be so easy.”

Shen Mubai’s position suddenly went from a hostage to a lamb in a slaughterhouse. She was puzzled as she asked the system. “How can they see that I have no powers?”

The system replied, “Abilities have a keen sense for other abilities. The closer they are, the easier it is to tell.”

One of the men went to grab Shen Mubai but was alerted by a figure near the gates.

“Who are you?” He asked.

He saw a tall man standing near the gate, his clothes ragged, his face covered in stains, and those ice-blue eyes staring at them without a hint of emotions.

Ability users’ sense of danger was stronger than the average person’s, and it was clear that the person who stood before them was highly dangerous. The pressure made them unable to advance or retreat.

Shen Mubai was in a daze. Why did he come back so soon?

The big man noticed the look on her face and pulled her close to him. Running a knife lightly across her neck, he asked demandingly, “Is he your teammate?”

Shen Mubai quickly waved her hands about, “No, no, no, no, I don’t know him.”

The big man noticed the newcomer’s eyes were focused on him, and a chill of horror ran through him. The knife on Shen’s neck could not help but shake, her white skin becoming stained with scratches, with faint lines of blood trickling down.

Shen Mubai: “…..” Aren’t you shaking a bit too much?

“Boss, this person’s a little strange.” One of them noticed the abnormal atmosphere and felt nervous.

Another couldn’t help but say, “What are you afraid of? The three of us alone can beat him, not to mention he also seems to know this woman.”

The faint scent of blood wafted through the air, the man’s ice-blue eyes, like those of a wild beast, dilated and then he struck. (how can we change this to be more predatory…)

The man’s ice-blue eyes, like those of a wild beast, dilated as he inhaled the faint scent of Shen Mubai’s blood. He snarled, then struck.

No one could see him as he attacked, not even the afterimages could be seen clearly. The big man who held the knife was grabbed by Huo Junhan and slammed into a wall, leaving behind a crumbling mess.

As Shen Mubai was taken into his arms, he glanced down at her neck, and a red glint flashed in his eyes.

Shen Mubai was alarmed, and the system also noticed that something was wrong.

VIS: Elaine suspects ML is a vampire, pfffttt at this point he may as well be~ [Edited- Elaine]

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21 thoughts on “Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 13

  1. “…wild beast, dilated and then he struck. (how can we change this to be more predatory…)”

    Maybe use he pounced instead of he struck to make it sound more predatory?

  2. Correct me if I an wrong, but wasn’t it stated at the chapter where ML and MC first met or the chapter after that, that Mc’s body is attractive to zombies cause it could help them evolve or something

    1. yup, let’s ignore that and just go with “ML moved too fast before she could react” yeah? Plus, it seems that the system is stopping her from fighting sigh~ I want to see Shen fight a lot T-T

    1. He has restricted her to not fight randomly, she’s basically a fighting machine who can’t do anything but eat and watch over the ML so he doesn’t go insane. I wonder where the FL is~~

  3. Little kitty/cutie! “Pounced” *look at my cat, cat look at me… I pounce, cat dodge* cat : 1
    Thank you !!!!

  4. Seconding “pounced”

    But somehow, I’m also getting a mental image of the ML as a kitten with that word

  5. She annoys me a tad too. Too much of a passive damsel in distress, even tho earlier chapter says she should know all kinds of martial arts. Thought she would kickass and later notice ML watched the whole thing. She’s been abnormally incompetent for a MC.

    Thanks for the translation 🙂

    1. I agree lol, but she’s not supposed to fight anyone. She’s supposed to bring back emotions to the ML and “rescue” him from his sad fate. All common sense is thrown out the window in this story pft I don’t want to say too much but just have patience with our MC.

  6. Nope he probably got excited about her blood. He still is a zombie after all. And is like “THIS IS MY SNACC NO ONE GETS MY SNACC”

  7. Hmm… by now im starting to kinda get annoyed with the female lead.. can’t really pinpoint which aspect of her personality I’m irritated by, but I sure do hope she gets better…

    Thanks for the chappie!!

  8. The faint scent of blood wafted through the air, the man’s ice-blue eyes, like those of a wild beast, dilated and then he struck. (how can we change this to be more predatory…)
    pounced, maybe?
    Anyways, thanks for the chapter

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