Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 — The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (12)

A three-man team was heading towards her.

In the lead was a large, intimidating man with dark skin that looked like he was not to be provoked. He quickly assessed the area then sat down.

“The place is clean, it’s good.”

The other two sat down and one of them said, “Boss, it’s weird that there are no zombies nearby. Could there be something wrong with this place?”


The other guy just sneered at his words. “If there is a problem, we will overcome it with our strength. Plus, with our powerful boss, even a level-three zombie is nothing.”

EzoicThese people must have had abilities that were the best of the best, or they would not have been so daring as to come to the center of the city, which teemed with zombies.

“I’ll go search for something good.” One of them saw that although the place was destroyed, the facilities were in satisfactory condition, and there were many scattered things on the ground.

The big man and the other person knew that he would find a safe place to stay and had no objections.

It’s just that… Shen Mubai’s side was not faring so well. She tightly latched onto the back of the door and prayed that she would not be discovered.

But it was impossible. The place wasn’t very big, so Shen Mubai would be easily discovered if the other party looked carefully.

The man pulled on the door to reveal Shen Mubai. He was dumbfounded as he blankly stared at her face. “B-Big, Big boss, there’s a woman here!”

Shen Mubai quickly stuffed a pack of beef jerky in his hand. Her face was already sweating. “Big brother, I won’t grab the supplies here, I will find another place.” She said as she quickly strode to the gates.

The man looked at the pack of beef jerky in his hands and looked at the pile of daily necessities around the room. He wondered how there were so many.

The big man glanced at his stunned comrade then squinted at Shen Mubai, who was already about to exit the gates. “Stop!”

Shen Mubai stiffened and turned back, smiling nervously. “Is there anything else? My teammates, I’m afraid, are still waiting for me to come back for dinner.”

The man next to big man heard the words “teammates” and hesitated, whispering, “Boss, she…”

The large man waved at him and looked at Shen Mubai, “What’s the hurry? We have something we need to talk about.”

At the same time, the man who had found Shen Mubai had already blocked off the gate, leaving her no exits.

Their abilities were not low, and Shen Mubai knew that she couldn’t run, so she simply walked back to them.

The big man looked slow, but his mind was much more careful than the other two. “Why didn’t you bring one of your teammates with you?”

Faced with the man’s fierce examination, Shen Mubai’s face paled. “Our team is used to dividing our labor.”

The big man obviously still doubted her. “Why were you hiding?”

Shen Mubai simply replied, “Of course you have to hide, isn’t that the case in our world now?”

“Boss.” The man handed the beef jerky to the big man. “She gave me this beef jerky.”

Shit, her heart started to cry. 


VIS: you can’t bribe everyone with food Shen, even in this world~ Edited- Elaine (ily)

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