Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (31)

Seeing her awake, Snow White lightly smiled as she concernedly asked, “How’s mother feeling right now?”

Shen Mubai blinked her eyes, “I’m feeling a lot better.”

A gentle laughter was heard from inside her throat, Snow White leaned her body and pasted her own forehead to the other’, her pair of eyes was clearly defined in Shen Mubai’s line of sight. She said in a low voice, “En… indeed, it’s already a lot better.”

Shen Mubai jumped in fright by Snow White’s sudden movement as she widened her eyes, “You–why did you suddenly come closer?”

Her dense eyelashes hid the light inside her pupils as a light pink blush appeared on Snow White’s fair cheeks, she used a gentle and soft voice and said, “Snow White only wants to make sure if mother’s fever already all subsided or not…”

Shen Mubai didn’t suspect her one bit, she only nodded her head and said, “Oh, it’s like this.”

The corner of her dark red lips slightly moved up, Snow White looked to the young girl’s tender face, “Has mother feel hungry yet?”

“What time is it now?” Shen Mubai said as she yawned.

Snow White’s charming and gentle voice answered, “It’s already afternoon.”

Shen Mubai looked at her with a dumbfounded expression, “You didn’t leave at all?”

Snow White slightly nodded her head, her line of sight never leaving her, “En.”

Shen Mubai felt somewhat moved, so they together eat a dinner full with mother-daughter’s love.

Before the other party left, she covered Shen Mubai with the quilt and conveniently pasted her forehead once more. Shen Mubai who was absolutely moved inside her heart, said to System, “How can Snow White be this gentle and cute ahh.”

System didn’t speak, because it felt that this retarded person clearly looked like she forgot about something.

The bar of progress above Snow White already reached 50 percent, however, Shen Mubai can’t laugh just yet, because the King planned to form an alliance by marriage with the neighbouring country’s Prince, he invited the other party to come to Alesia Kingdom, and in just a few days, the Prince would arrive at Wangdu already.

The King let her and Snow White go to Wangdu City to personally select some clothing materials that would be made as the formal royal gown for this time’s grand banquet.

The exquisite and resplendent carriage left the Imperial Palace and advanced to Wangdu Royal City in front.

The gorgeous Queen and the beautiful Shen Mubai both sat inside the carriage. The pedestrian that passed was all adorned with elegant beauty, Shen Mubai can’t help but want to stop and walk on foot instead.

Although she could just look at the original body’s memory about Wangdu, but nevertheless, this was the first time she personally experienced this kind of thing, it’s no wonder that Shen Mubai got excited.

The carriage was just like the European’s 19th century’s exquisite and gorgeous carriage, the horses were bred and groomed in Imperial Palace, the smooth and steady, not fast nor slow carriage was full of Imperial Family’s grandeur and disposition, letting everyone knew that the people sitting inside was of no common background.

The palace guards that were marching on either side were selected very carefully, so although the number weren’t much, but their strength were really fierce and valiant.

Alesia’s Wangdu City was really flourishing and prosperous, there were so many people but it didn’t feel crowded and noisy at all. A young girl who sold flowers wore exquisite weaved straw hat, her bright beauty was enhanced with warm smiles, teasing all the passersby to pay attention, one handsome and brilliant young master saw her beautiful and clear bright blue eyes and can’t help but blushed slightly.

“Does mother like it?” her ears heard a gentle voice from the side.

Shen Mubai retracted her line of vision and face Snow White’s gaze on her.

Looking at the other party pointing her finger outside, she slightly lifted her chin up and said, “En, I’m only curious, that’s all.”

Not talking about why the Queen who spent all of her life in Wangdu was full of curiosity like this, Snow White curved her black eyes, her dark red lips slightly forming a gentle smile, “Then, wait until after we choose the dress fabrics, Snow White will accompany mother to stroll for a few rounds.”


Hehehe, Snow White, you’re so sly ah~ ಠﭛಠ System also feels that Shen Mubai already forgot about sth important…

Translator: MadPanda

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