Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter #

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Chapter 27 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (27) 

After eating the nuts, Shen Mubai yawned, a thin layer of mist covering her black eyes. 

Qin Yifeng wanted to say something, but when he saw the figure behind her, the words were swallowed back. 

A slender hand reached out, grabbed Shen Mubai’s collar, and lifted her up. 

Huo Junhan’s pair of ice-blue eyes glanced at Qin Yifeng, then turned to the small face in his arms. 


His words were as cold as usual, but Shen Mubai could tell that the man’s mood was even worse. 

She stared at the man with drooping eyes while he remained poker-faced. Shen Mubai couldn’t help but ask the system, “What happened to him? Why do I feel like he’s a little upset?” 

System: “At least you can tell.” 

At least now she knew that the energy stone was on Qin Yifeng’s body.

Shen Mubai yawned and said, “I’m sleeping, good night.” 

Qin Yifeng felt cold sweat dripping down his back when Huo Junhan had glanced at him. His brain seemed to go blank. He clearly did nothing wrong, but the dangerous pressure seemed to coil around him like a snake. 

Qin Yifeng could not help but admire the little girl who never noticed this oppressive energy. 

He didn’t dare look at those eyes anymore and, with a stiff smile, turned towards Shen Mubai, replying, “Goodnight.” 

Nighttime was the most dangerous time, even if their current location wasn’t bad. There were few zombies nearby, but several people still kept watch. 

Because of the new members, Shen Chanqing had to reorganize the night-watch. 

Li Haopeng was the first watcher. He finally was able to leave his post in the early hours of the morning, and slowly, he made his way over to the new members. 

He had just begun to approach them when the man, who had been lying completely still, suddenly opened his ice-blue eyes. He glanced at Li Haopeng, freezing him in his place. 

Being stared at by those emotionless cold eyes, Li Haopeng felt paralyzed. It wasn’t until the man had moved his eyes away could Li Haopeng move, but the fear still remained. 

Just having gone through something traumatic, Li Haopeng did not dare to say a word. He could only place the blame on his captain. 


Having only said a word, the man’s eyes destroyed any thought of speaking. Li Haopeng again complained in his heart—it was just their luck to have recruited someone so dangerous. They could not even assess the man’s strength. 

While this dramatic clash was going on between the two people, there was a girl sleeping in the man’s arms. 

Shen Mubai’s eyes were tightly shut and seemed to be sleeping well. Her pale face was tinted red from sleep. 

Huo Junhan looked down at the girl for a while. 

Li Haopeng, who was still standing in the same spot, felt like he was being forced to eat dog food. 

Huo Junhan gently placed Shen Mubai down and covered her up with thin sheets. Li Haopeng was still cursing his mother when Huo Junhan stood up and took over his post. 

When Shen Mubai woke up, she felt that something wasn’t right. She looked up and saw a man’s sharp jaw. She was laying in Huo Junhan’s arms. 

Shen Mubai received the greatest shock of her life. She asked the system, “Am I dreaming?” 

System: “You can bite yourself to find out.” 


VIS: Hope everyone is doing well~

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