Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 30)

[Host, host, wake up.]  The system’s mechanical voice sounded in her mind.

But she didn’t want to wake up at all in this moment.

So cold, it was like being frozen in ice.

She knit her brows and forced her eyes open.  What filled her eyes was a white light.

What is this place?

[Ice prison and this is a secret room built by Xi Ying.]

You mean that Ling Xiu doesn’t know where this is?


Luo Qing Chen felt her body shivering.  If she kept staying here, she would be frozen to death soon.

System, can you answer one question?  I don’t want to ask how to get out, I want to ask……

[He is already dead.]  The system had already guessed her thought and before she could even ask, it gave her the answer.

Although this answer was a bit cruel.

Time seemed to pass very slowly.  Luo Qing Chen’s mind was a blank, she didn’t talk to the system and didn’t even have anything to say.

After a while, she slightly raised her hand and wiped away the tears on her face.  She took a deep breath and muttered, “Mo Bai, I will definitely get revenge for you.”

[Host, you should first think of a way to get out of here first.  There will be ice water that fills this place every two hours that will only recede after it completely fills the room.]

Completely fills the room, won’t I drown to death?

[Xi Ying’s timing is very accurate.  You won’t die, but it would be better to die…..]  The system’s voice was a bit pained. Although it was mechanical, she could feel from the bottom of her heart that the system was worried about her.

It really was a cruel method of torture.  Torturing someone and not letting them die.

“Luo Qing Chen, is this place comfortable?  Are you cold? Ha, ha, ha, ha——” Xi Ying’s disgusting voice came from around her, but she couldn’t see her.

“You only have this bit of capability?”  She gave a cold snort and leaned on an ice wall.  Her lips curled as she said, “This place really does fill me with disdain.”

“You!”  Xi Ying was a bit stunned.  She thought that Luo Qing Chen would definitely panic and beg her with a face covered in tears.

But not only was she not worried or afraid, she had a pair of ice cold eyes and a smile on her lips.  It actually shocked her.

It was as if her soul feared this person in front of her…..

“I want to see how long you can keep talking like this.”  She raised her right hand and purple glowing witch staff fell onto the ice.

After that, ice cold water began pouring towards her.  The moment the water touched the tip of her toes, she felt her entire body tremble.  Even her heart was about to become frozen in ice……

“If you beg me, I can make your death more comfortable.”  Xi Ying’s voice mixed with the sound of the ice cold water pouring out.

Her body had been sealed by Xi Ying with a forbidden Witch Race technique, therefore she couldn’t end her own life.

“The unfortunate thing is——”  She closed her eyes, but she still had that smile of disdain as she said, “I want to die in discomfort!”

“Luo Qing Che, you think that Ling Xiu will come here to save you?  Stop dreaming! Let me tell you, he only treats you a bit special because the heart in his body is yours!”  Xi Ying roared out the thing hidden in the depths of her heart.

Right, it was just the heart.  It was only because Ling Xiu had this slut’s heart in his body, that’s why he would make a few exceptions for her, being a bit…..nice to her…..

It had to be said, when Xi Ying said the two words Ling Xiu, it touched the depths of her heart.

Did he know that something had happened in the Star Palace?  Did he know that Mo Bai was dead? Did he know that she was about to die?

At this time, the water in the ice prison had already reached her waist.  The strong chill was like a sharp sword, cutting into her.

“Xi Ying.”  Luo Qing Chen powerfully raised her head and said with her lips curled into a smile, “These words that can’t even fool you, there is no need to say them.”

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