Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 28)

“Hong, long!”  A booming roar of thunder sounded through the Star Palace.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat and she woke up from her nightmare.  

It was that same dream again, she was wearing her long red dress in the Nether Realm, with that enchanting smile on her lips.

The rain outside the window was very big and gusts of wind blew against it, slamming into her moon white paper window.

A drop of rain fell onto the glass table by the window.  She put on a cloak and moved beside the window.

Before she even reached it, there were two black clothed people that fell out of the sky.  They were covered in a dark blood red light and they reached out to grab her.

Instantly, they were sent flying by the barrier around the Cloud Beginning Pavilion.

Luo Qing Chen took two steps back and didn’t dare move rashly.  Being able to enter the God Punishing Sword Array, they definitely were not normal people.

“Who is it, actually daring to trespass in the Star Palace!”  Mo Bai not far away quickly came out of the sky and landed outside the Cloud Beginning Pavilion.  He raised his sword which had white light gathered around it, lighting up the entire Star Palace.

The purple copper bell at the waist of the black clothed person in charge sounded and his cold eyes narrowed as he said, “Kill him.”

No hesitation at all, making an instant decision.

“Qing Qing, remember that no matter what happens, you can’t come out.”  Mo Bai’s voice came from the sky, reaching Luo Qing Chen in the Cloud Beginning Pavilion.

After saying this, he jumped out and went all out against the black clothed people.

System, system, are they Xi Ying’s people?


What to do, what should I do?  Calm down, let me think.

[There won’t be any danger staying in the Cloud Beginning Pavilion, there is Ling Xiu’s barrier around this place.]

They can even pass through the God Punishing Sword Array, will they be afraid of a barrier?!

[……]  The system didn’t reply, since this was something she had to experience.

Luo Qing Chen gritted her teeth and looked out the window at the fight high up in the sky.  Xi Ying’s target was her, how could she hide and let Mo Bai give up his life for her……

After a single clash, the two black clothed people were forced back.  Mo Bai was covered in white light and sword energy filled the air. His Emotion Slashing Sword was glowing like the stars, catching the enemies off guard.

The black clothed people had different degrees of injuries.  They never thought that a little servant of the Star Palace actually had this kind of cultivation.

The purple copper bell rang again.  The sky above the Star Palace instantly became purple red, like it was dyed with blood.

After that, the blood coloured light around the sword of one of the black clothed people.  That sword that had been lifeless instantly released a blood coloured glow into the sky.

“You are actually members of the Witch Race.”  Mo Bai was shocked. He looked at the people in front and said in a cold voice, “Who has the courage to use the forbidden Blood Curse Technique in the Star Palace!”

He thought the other side were members of the Beast Race or the Heaven Race, but he never thought that they actually came from the Witch Race.

“You will never find out in your life.”  The sword covered in a blood coloured glow slashed out at Mo Bai.

Instantly, Mo Bai used the Emotion Slashing Sword in his hands to block the attack, but he was knocked down to the ground.  There was a sweet taste in his mouth as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes were cold as she gripped the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword in her left hand and waved the Exquisite Ring on her right hand, opening the door to the Cloud Beginning Pavilion.

The light blue glow became stronger, as if it was warning her that she definitely couldn’t go out.

“Qing Qing, you mustn’t come out!”  Mo Bai sensed Luo Qing Chen’s movement and he shouted out in a hoarse voice that contained his remaining spiritual energy.

“Mo Bai.”  Her voice was trembling and her eyes were filled with tears.

She never thought that a person she had only known for a few days would die to protect her.  Since it was like this, she definitely couldn’t retreat.

“Your target is me, why do you need to involve others.”  Her clear eyes slightly narrowed. With a few wisps of golden light from her right hand, the light blue barrier scattered.

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