Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 27)

If Ling Xiu knew that him leaving would almost cause him to lose everything he loved in this life, he wouldn’t have taken a single step away from her.

The Endless Temple was the Beast Race’s sacred temple and the current Beast God was Ling Xiu’s big brother, Ling Shuang.

There were many similarities between them, like the person they both loved the most was their big sister Ling Yao.

The last master of the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword was Ling Yao, not Ling Xiu.

But in a battle a hundred years ago, Ling Yao unsealed the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword in order to protect the peace of her two little brothers and the Beast Race.  She used herself to reseal the sword and finally died in the weak Nether Flames, turning into ashes.

The reason why the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword was unsealed again was because Ling Xiu inadvertently saved someone and that person was the Witch Race’s Witch Lord Xi Ying.

Only, Ling Xiu never learned of this matter.  This was because Xi Ying had already changed skins, living with the face of another.

The Beast Race and Witch Race were nemesis back then, so Xi Ying in order to stand out from the other Witch Race in the contest for the Witch Lord position, she heavily injured herself and used a painful plan to enter the Beast Race.  It was all to unseal the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword and let the Beast Race self destruct.

However, she failed in the end.

Ling Yao sacrificed herself to the sword to end this conspiracy, painting a sad ending.

In the moment Ling Yao sacrificed herself to the sword, Xi Ying used the forbidden skin switching technique, letting her face become the same as Ling Yao’s.

Only because of this, she had deeply fallen in love with Ling Xiu who had inadvertently saved her life back then.

Ling Xiu didn’t know any of this.

He always thought Xi Ying was a thought left by Ling Yao in this world.  He loved his big sister, so when Ling Shuang vowed to destroy the Witch Race, he protected her from the power of the Beast Race’s treasured Divine Law Bead, falling into hell.

Ling Shuang had said that Ling Xiu had his eyes and heart blinded, so he was no longer his younger brother.  He would never let him come back and surpass life.

But today, Ling Xiu was heading to the Endless Temple because it would be his  elder sister Ling Yao’s hundredth birthday in three days.

At the same time, in the Ten Thousand Flowers Palace.

“Miss Witch Lord, sir Ling Xiu has already left the Witch Race.  Should we seize this change to make that Luo Qing Chen——” The maid Shuang Shuang curled her lips and reported this news to Xi Ying.

She saw Xi Ying narrow her cold eyes and her hands curled into fists, clenching tighter and tighter.

Although she had never personally seen how Ling Xiu treats Luo Qing Chen, just based on the fact that she could stay in the Star Palace was enough for her to hate her.

The star greatly changed a few days ago.  She used her bone runes to divine that Luo Qing Chen had recklessly charged into the God Punishing Sword Array and she almost went wild with happiness.

The other side stupidly threw away their own life, she didn’t even need to do anything.  How exciting of a matter was this!

But not long after, her heart fell to the bottom of the eighteen layers of hell.

This was because she knew that Ling Xiu had spent half his cultivation to save a mortal.

She was filled with hate, she hated Luo Qing Chen.

She wished she could rip out her heart again, sending her down to hell forever.

“Of course.  I want to slowly torture her, making her life worse than death.”  Ling Xiu narrowed her eyes and a sinister smile hung off her lips.

“But we can’t go up to the Star Palace, so what do we do?”

“It doesn’t matter.”  Xi Ying’s sinister eyes looked at the Star Palace not far away outside the window and said, “Ling Xiu isn’t here, the God Punishing Sword Array will weaken.  I can use the heavenly sacrifice temporarily turn off the sword array and also cause a storm.”

“Why do you need to make it rain?”  The maid Shuang Shuang asked in a confused voice.

“She has the ancient divine weapon, the Exquisite Ring.  I’ve learned from the oldest elders of the Witch Race that the Exquisite Ring fears water.”  She gave a cold snort as her eyes were filled with endless killing intent.

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