Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 26)

“Rest up.”  He softly waved his right hand and light blue spiritual energy surrounded her moon white bed.

Luo Qing Chen saw his rushed footsteps and couldn’t help revealing a smile.  Her wounds hurt a bit from being pulled, but her heart was filled with joy.

The Beast God Ling Xiu’s embarrassed running way appearance was actually a bit cute!

She fell asleep and slept very well.  The spiritual energy around her had the faint aura of a certain person.

It was unknown if it was because Ling Xiu’s cultivation was strong or if it was because the joy inside her overshadowed the pain of her body.  The next day, she could already get out of bed.

Who would have known that as soon as she reached the door, she would be greeted by Ling Xiu.

“Aiyo——”  Luo Qing Chen stumbled back a step, but she was instantly covered by a faint blue spiritual energy.

Ling Xiu knit his brows as he said, “What are you getting up for, you’re still this rash.”

He didn’t know what to say to her.  If he reprimanded her, his heart would hurt.  If he didn’t reprimand her, she would be running around even after being heavily injured yesterday!

“I saw that the weather was pretty good, so I wanted to go out for a walk!”  Luo Qing Chen seriously nodded as she spoke to him.

Actually, she couldn’t sleep at all.  She wanted to walk around a bit since she could still chat with someone if she met someone she knew.  If she could meet him, then that would be even better.

[Host, there are only two people other than you in the Star Palace.  You wanted to meet people you knew?] The system couldn’t keep listening to her usual delusions, so indifferently cut her off.

I want to meet Mo Bai, can’t I!  Aren’t you afraid of hurting Mo Bai’s feelings like this!?


“Don’t go outside for now, there are no benefits to healing your body.”  Ling Xiu placed the medicine in his hand on the table and said, “Drink your medicine first.”

Her entire Cloud Beginning Pavilion was infused with his spiritual energy, so as long as she stayed here, her wounds wouldn’t hurt at all.

He just saw her brows slightly knit.  God knows how bitter the medicine from sir Ling Xiu’s house was, she was almost about to cry from drinking it yesterday.

She wasn’t certain if it was good medicine, but the bitter taste was certain!

Seeing her look like she was being tortured as she drank the medicine, his lips curled into a gentle smile.

It was like this kind of normal life was pretty good.

Luo Qing Chen at this time was only thinking two words: So!  Bitter!

“Here.”  Seeing her obediently drink her medicine, he gave the peach blossom nectar in his other hand to her.

“Ya!”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes instantly lit up.  She raised her hand to take the peach blossom nectar as she said, “Many thanks…..sir Ling Xiu.”

“No need to call me sir.”  He stood with his hands on his side.  There was a golden sparkle in the depths of his dark eyes.  He was just casually standing there, but there was a noble feel to him.

“Ah?”  She stood in front of him and was a whole head shorter than him.  If she wanted to see his face, she had to look up.

“Just call me Ling Xiu.”  She saw him looking down slightly, looking into her eyes.  His left hand was softly placed on her head. His right hand slowly came up and his cool fingertips touched her forehead, as he said in a gentle voice, “The fever is disappearing quite quickly.”

She was stunned as her face instantly flushed red.

It was like time had frozen and there was a beautiful atmosphere in the air around them.  She held her breath as she looked at the person in front of her. She saw his dazzling and peerless face that made people unwilling to even blink.

“Be good.”  He gently rubbed her head as he said with a loving look in his eyes, “In a few days, I need to take a trip to the Endless Temple.  Be good and stay in the Cloud Beginning Palace, wait for me to come back.”

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