Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 21)

The lips of Xi Ying who wasn’t far away curled into a smile.  Looking at the scene in front, she said to Ling Xiu beside her, “Look, your maid and the second prince’s relationship isn’t bad!”

A few days ago, Su Ye had come to request from her transfer Luo Qing Chen to the Falling Cloud Palace as a maid.  She felt it was strange at that time, but thinking about how on the day of the sacrifice ceremony, Luo Qing Chen’s plaque originally said she was meant for the Falling Cloud Palace, she didn’t feel it was strange.

Su Ye said she was his destined wife and when she heard this, Xi Ying’s anxiety and sadness completely disappeared without a trace.

Since it was like this, it was good for her to offer her help.

When her maid Shuang Shuang saw Luo Qing Chen come down from the Star Palace, she quickly told Su Ye that he could see her if he came to the crystal sky ladder.

Su Ye had an excited look on his face, she felt it was funny when she thought about it.

He really was blind, having this kind of mortal without any spiritual energy as his destined wife.  He didn’t feel ashamed, rather he was happy. It really threw away the Witch Race’s face.

“Un.”  Ling Xiu narrowed his eyes.  He looked like a storm was coming and the chill in his eyes seemed like it could freeze people.  He gave a cold snort before saying, “You found me just to show me this?”

He felt it was strange just now, why would Xi Ying suddenly invite him out?  But now he was clear on everything.

But she had really succeeded because he really didn’t know what he was feeling right now.

Seeing Su Ye looking at her with a tender gaze, it was like his heart was swelling like a sea that wouldn’t calm down.  After that, it seemed like the emotion known as “jealousy” completely controlled his actions.

He almost couldn’t take it anymore!

“I……”  Xi Ying saw his dark look and her body gave a shudder.  Her words were stuck and she couldn’t say anything at all.

She had never seen such a decisive look in his eyes.  It was cold like a treasure had been stolen from him.

Since before, she had used her face that was the same as his dead sister to hold a high position in his heart.  But right now, she felt like she was no different from a normal person.

No, she wasn’t willing.

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen was stunned after she heard the notification from the system!

But when she was stunned, another notification from the system made her heart calm down.

[Ding, Xi Ying’s affection has decreased by ten.  Only 60% remaining.]

That was fine!  Aiya, hurting each other!

At least it was five for ten, no one will have a good time!

Luo Qing Chen gently pushed Su Ye back before standing and saying, “Second prince, thank you for saving my life!  But I think what I’ve said is very clear already!”

After saying this, she began walking up the crystal stairs.  She was completely focused on the matter of her lost affection, she wasn’t in the mood at all to go to the mortal world to buy peach blossoms!

Right now, it was better to rush back to the Star Palace and explain everything!

“Qing Qing.”  A worried look flashed in Su Ye’s eyes.  He said with a faint frown, “Do you hate me?”

“No!”  Luo Qing Chen turned around and she said to him in a clear voice and serious eyes, “But I don’t like you.”

Sometimes, when love had just sprouted, it was best to decisively cut it down.  This was the best way to protect oneself and the other side.

The thing she hated the most in her life was someone who clearly didn’t like someone, but they didn’t reject them while accepting everything the other side did for them.  At the same time, they used all their heart to love someone else.

That would only result in that person who was always good to them being seriously hurt.

She hated that kind of person and definitely wouldn’t become someone like that.

If one loves, please love deeply.  If one wants to abandon someone, please do it thoroughly.  Don’t use love to hurt other people.

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  1. “If one loves, please love deeply. If one wants to abandon someone, please do it thoroughly. Don’t use love to hurt other people.”


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