Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 15)

Because this matter was very serious, the elders had the maids return to their rooms to avoid danger.  After all, they were just mortals.

When Luo Qing Chen came by, she took a glance at Chi Feng.  He was lying naked on the ground with bloody eyes. His eyes were popped out and all his veins were popping, like he had been eroded by drugs and without being able to vent the desire in him, he would burn to death!

Chi Feng’s death was miserable.  Xi Ying wanted to use him to kill her, but she didn’t show any mercy to him.

[The dense fragrance incense is a hundred times stronger than the medicine the supporting female lead gave Chi Feng.]  The system’s voice suddenly rang out, scaring Luo Qing Chen.

So, even if Ling Xiu really is the abstinent Beast God like Huan Yu Ning said, he still couldn’t resist it……

[He’s already quite powerful.]

She rarely saw the system praising people, this seemed to be the first time!

When they came back to their room, Huan Yu Ning gradually calmed down.  She simply told her what happened that night. Not long after Luo Qing Chen left, a man desperately knocked on her door, but the room had a barrier, so that man couldn’t come in no matter what.

The sound became louder and louder and the surrounding maids didn’t dare come out.  When the barrier finally broke, the elders had rushed over, otherwise it would be hard to imagine the consequences.  This man that had been drugged, he really could have made life worse than death.

“Qing Chen, how did you know this bad person was coming?”  Huan Yu Ning wiped away her tears and asked her with a frown.

She was afraid thinking about it now.  If it wasn’t for Luo Qing Chen’s barrier, she would have already……

“I was also guessing.  Your ribbon was missing, so I thought there might be some danger.”  She was actually very sorry towards Huan Yu Ning. Although she was the cannon fodder of this world, she was still her friend and definitely couldn’t be bullied!

“Wu————”  An urgent alarm horn cut through their conversation.

“God, miss Witch Lord and the crown prince are coming.”  Huan Yu Ning quickly pulled Luo Qing Chen out by the hand.

The first time Luo Qing Chen saw Witch Lord Xi Ying, the blood in her body couldn’t help boiling.

She was standing on the sacrificial altar, wearing a purple and white robe, with a purple glowing witch staff in her hand.  She looked through the crowd and was staring right at her.

She saw Luo Qing Chen’s narrowed eyes looking right into her gaze and she revealing a faint smile.

Those clear as water eyes seemed to be saying……

Xi Ying, you wouldn’t have imagined it!  The person whose heart was dug out by you is actually standing here alive in front of you.  Are you in a panic right now?

“Miss Witch Lord……”  The maid Shuang Shuang by her side saw she was a bit stunned before quickly reminding her, “Miss should make a sacrifice and divide the rooms for the maids.”

The Witch Race believed in god, so even mortals had places they should be.

The distribution of the maids also required the Witch God’s guidance.

Xi Ying took a deep breath and raised the purple glowing witch staff.  Instantly the sky was filled with clouds and thunder boomed. The red and purple light shined onto the sacrifice platform and bells jingled on the stage, making people unable to not hold their breath.

Instantly, the name of a maid was written on the plaque with the Witch God’s power and following it was the name of their palace.

“Huan Yu Ning will go to the Falling Cloud Palace.”  The elder slowly read off the plaque.

“Ya, my luck is so good!”  Huan Yu Ning was so happy that she almost jumped up as a bright smile appeared on her lips.

“This happy?”

“The Falling Cloud Palace is the palace of the kindest person among the Witch race, the second prince Su Ye, who is also the second most handsome man among the Witch Race.  He is filled with gentleness and style!

“Ha——Su…..Ye?  Second prince!”  Luo Qing Chen was stunned as she shouted in her heart: This is bad!

The supporting male lead was actually this close!  He was actually the Witch Race’s second prince!

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