Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 7)

“I said I was thinking of you, ke, ke…..”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with eyes filled with a faint smile, seriously repeating every word.

She gave to coughs to show that she was very weak.

There was no problem, the previous host was indeed very weak!

Thinking about it now, the previous host had died at this time.

She saw Zhao An Yang’s eyes slightly light up as he looked at her pale face and said, “What are you standing there for, come over.”

EzoicLuo Qing Chen raised her dress and walked over with a smile to sit down beside him.

As expected, what was on the table was the questions for the civil exams tomorrow.

“It’s this late, what are you still looking at this for, emperor?”  Luo Qing Chen’s voice was soft, making people having “restless” thoughts.

Of course that included Zhao An Yang.

His ears turned slightly red and his heart unknowingly became faster.

Over these years, other than occasionally seeing Yan Wu Se, he hadn’t seen any other women.

He even felt that he didn’t have any interest in that opposite side.

But right now, she was sitting beside him with a faint fragrance coming from her body and a light blush flushing her smooth, white face.  Those light red lips made people unable to stop themselves from kissing them.

What to do, he almost couldn’t control himself……

Luo Qing Chen saw that he wasn’t speaking, so she slightly turned her eyes, finding that his handsome face was already leaning in closer.

She blinked and prepared to close her eyes when Zhao An Yang returned to his previous position.

This made Luo Qing Chen feel a bit strange.  Could it be she wasn’t pretty enough?

Or was he lacking in that area……?


Aiya, no wonder.  He had been with Yan Wu Se all these years, but he didn’t even have a baby.

“Tomorrow is the civil exams, this one is writing the questions.”  Zhao An Yang said while pretending to be calm.

He had a kind of decisive feeling a moment ago, wanting to hold her in his embrace.

But in the next moment, he felt that he was too anxious.

She had just come out of the shadow of the past, if he was too sudden with her…..

Would she remember it again and ignore him…..

“What are the questions on?”  Luo Qing Chen slowly leaned against him, speaking in a sweet voice.

Zhao An Yang’s body froze and he looked at her slightly perked lips which were pursed in a cute manner.  He immediately closed his eyes and cleared his distracting thoughts, coughing as he said, “Marching orders.”

Damn, it’s over.  It looks like Su Li doesn’t know about marching orders at all, what to do?Ezoic

System, system, I won’t lose experience points if I fail the hidden quest, right?  I’m already at zero, there’s nothing to subtract!

[It can become negative and you’ll lose the gift package.]  The system’s emotionless voice rang out.

Damn, you’re so fierce!  Want to take my gift package, in your dreams!

“Why did you give this kind of question?”  Luo Qing Chen innocently blinked as she asked this question.

“To protect one’s country is a man’s duty.”  Zhao An Yang wasn’t looking at her, rather he was looking at the question on the table.

When marching with the army, it was always her who was advising him on the side.

When they marched into the final city needed to pacify the east, he had hurt her and she no longer paid attention to her.

Over the years, he thought that if he couldn’t obtain her heart, he would at least let her live a peaceful life.

Luo Qing Cheng was stunned.  As if knowing his thoughts, she casually smiled and said, “I think with how stable and harmonious the Zhao Country is, we’re not in a rush to take in those talented in strategy.”

“Oh?”  Zhao An Yang raised a brow.  He cleared his throat with a bit of interest and said, “Then what kind of talents do you think we should take in now?”

“Those skilled in business.”  Luo Qing Chen said without hesitation.


System: My host is too restless!

Qing Chen: I want to beat the system to death!

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