Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 8)

“Qing Chen, why did you suddenly stop talking!”  Huan Yu Ning saw her red eyes and asked in a worried and afraid voice.

“Yu Ning, do you see this golden glowing barrier?”


“If anyone comes later, unless they break the barrier, don’t go out unless you want to die.”  Luo Qing Chen looked over at her with a slightly serious expression as she spoke, “Understood?”

“Under…..understood!”  Huan Yu Ning felt a bit afraid when she heard her mention this whatever barrier, so she nodded.

She had lost her parents since she was young and had no one to rely on.  This was the first time someone was willing to set up a barrier to protect her, so although she was very afraid, she still honestly listened to Luo Qing Chen’s words.

When her voice fell, she opened the door and walked into the dark night.

System, where does Xi Ying live?

[Host, her residence has a barrier protecting it.  Although there is a heaven and earth difference between it and Ling Xiu’s God Punishing Array, you are still a mortal.  If you enter, she will definitely know.]

Who said I was going in, I just want to hang outside for a bit.

[On the south side.]

Her lips slightly curled and her eyes narrowed, having a faint ice cold feel to them.

Witch Lord Xi Ying’s residence was on the south side, it was called the Ten Thousand Flower Palace.  She loved flowers since she was young, so naturally her residence would have a similar name.

Luo Qing Chen hid behind a tree stump outside of the barrier.  Not long after, she saw a few maids holding midnight snacks heading into the Ten Thousand Flower Palace.

System, I want to take out the dense fragrant incense.

[Ding, successfully taken out dense fragrant incense from the storage space.]

Instantly, a small box appeared in her hands.

[I thought that the host would only use the Exquisite Ring to cause waves, but I never thought the host would be this ruthless…..]  The system patted its non-existent little heart. This kind of host made it a bit afraid.

People who weren’t ruthless couldn’t live stable lives.

She slightly raised the Exquisite Ring and used all her focus to instantly freeze a small area around her.

After that, she quickly placed the dense fragrant incense into the peach blossom soup in the hands of one of the maids, before quickly returning to her original position.

Although she had only frozen a small space for a few short seconds, she was trembling when she returned to behind the tree stump.  Her face was pale and her head was covered in cold sweat.

[Host, please note that your heart is beating too fast.]

Nonsense, this treasure knows!  Don’t you need to make this ring a bit stronger!  I only used it for a few seconds and this treasure is about to collapse!

[The Exquisite Ring is an ancient divine weapon and you have a mortal body right now, being able to use it to freeze space is already the limit!  Host, you’re still not satisfied!]

Oh, so if I returned to my status as the Heaven Race’s little princess, I wouldn’t be in the same situation if I used the Exquisite Ring?


While Luo Qing Chen’s body was feeling weak, she was watching the two maids with a smile.  They said a few simple words that froze her on the spot.

“Then you quickly send the Silver Root Lotus to miss Witch Lord, I’ll go to the Star Palace to send sir Ling Xiu this peach blossom soup!”

“Un, alright!”

Wait a minute!  System, did I hear wrong?  That maid, who did she say…..the peach blossom soup was for?

[The idiot host did not hear wrong, you placed the dense fragrance incense in the wrong dish!]

Damn, is there a mistake!  Is there a problem with that maid, wandering around when she is free!  Focus on your work, alright? Work makes people happy!

Because Luo Qing Chen forcefully controlled space, she didn’t have a single drop of strength in her body!  She couldn’t catch up to the cheerful maid running off quickly at all!

She!  Was!  Finished!

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