Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Little theater side story

The bronze mirror lit up with a bright light.

A young man was standing in front of the mirror.  He was wearing a white dress shirt and a black tie, looking handsome from every angle.

[System: The curtain on the forty chapter messy play has finally fallen.  For people like us who couldn’t swallow this, we can finally take a break.  Next will be the most interesting ten question and answer session. We ask everyone to give a round of mechanical applause to welcome the «Indifferent School Hunk» world’s main lead, Su Liang Chen.]

The system very excitedly clapped by itself!

[“Hello, classmate Su Liang Chen.”]


[Are you very happy seeing the the system! (>^ω^<)]

“You’ve been with her for a long time, your personality has changed.  Of course if you want to change from a system to a cat, I don’t mind helping you.”

[TL Note: The system made a cat face above.]

[Sorry, the system has been attacked by an unknown program and a mistake has occurred.]  The system immediately changed and restored its mechanical tone.


[“Question one: What feeling did you have when meeting her in the 90° Cafe for the first time?]

“She was very beautiful and the rainbow bracelet was also beautiful.  Only, she was too straightforward with her confession. If you had to give it a score, it would be a negative score!”

[Ke, ke, she knows the score you gave her!]

“Oh, is that so?  A negative score for a second and full scores for the rest of our life.”

The system shook its non-existent hands in discomfort, being fed dog food again after being caught off guard!

[“Second question: Why did you change the original «My future is not a dream» to «Exclusive taste»?”]

“I liked it.”

The system thinks the male god really is a male god, so straight forward!

[“Third question: Is she your first love?”]

“Yes.  She is the first person that I loved and the only person that I loved.”

[“Fourth question: In your heart, what kind of personality does she have?”]

“No sense of direction, no sense of direction at all.  I remember the time when we went to France after our wedding, she was standing right beside the toilet when she ran over to me and asked where the toilet was.”

The system was very shocked, there was such a weak…..A cute girl who was directional challenged in this world!

[“Fifth question: Who is the person you hate the most in this world?”]

“Do you still need to ask?  Of course it’s Tang Yu! That’s why on the day before the entrance exam, I had someone play the drums all night underneath his house to make it impossible for him to put in any effort for Q University.”

The system felt that a certain person was becoming more and more scary, playing more and more tricks!

[“Sixth question: When was the moment she made your heart skip the most?”]

“That afternoon, the teacher said that someone was transferring to the science class, my mind was filled with her.  That hope boiled every drop of blood in my body, telling me that that person was her. Her at that time was truly very, very beautiful.”

[“Seventh question: Why did you bring her to Aurora City?”]

“Because I wanted to bring her to the most beautiful night on a Sunday night.”

[“Eight question: What feeling did you have for Fang Tian Tian?  After all, wasn’t she the female lead?”]

“She wasn’t the cannon fodder?  You think I knew that your so called cannon fodder had changed places with her?”

[Sorry, the system has made a mistake and made a mistake calculating the factors of this world.  This system will compensate the host later.] The system changed again. It asked itself, why did it make such a dumb mistake!?

[“Ninth question: Why did you test for Q University without telling her?”]

“I wanted to see her pleasantly surprised expression and then she would hug me and grab my shirt.”

The system swallowed a mouthful of air, signalling that it didn’t like eating this dog food.

[“Tenth question: If you could say the most moving words of love, what would you say?”]

“Good morning, good night.”

His lips had a faint smile as his clear as water voice said the world’s sweetest four words.

There was no going back, they had been together until their hairs were white.

[I now solemnly announce that the interview of the «Indifferent School Hunk» world’s male lead, Su Liang Chen is over.  Giving a single mechanical clap.]

After that, a single clap rang out!

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 2/100]

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