Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Su Liang Chen’s side story

Thank you for your faint smile, it made me panic in my youth. ——Su Liang Chen.

My first time seeing her was an afternoon after school.  She came to the cafe I was working in and took a seat by the window.

The sun outside the window sprinkled onto her white face and the rainbow bracelet jingling on her wrist, it was truly beautiful.

But when she gave me that note, my heart didn’t like it.  She said she liked me and was this direct.

I didn’t like direct girls, so my first impression of her wasn’t good.

She said she wanted a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee.  I don’t know why, but I made a very bitter cup of black coffee for her.

I swear that I’ve never done this before, this was the first time.

After she drank her coffee, her face didn’t look too good.

I saw that her face was as pale as paper, but her eyes were clear as water.  My lips raised into a faint smile and I didn’t know why my heart skipped a beat, like a soft spot was touched.

It should be at that time that I’ve found the beauty of this world.  Other than her, everything else was boring.

Her shyness when she looked at me, her concentration when she played the piano, her screaming into the rain, and that kiss that made people unable to stop.

Everything sent waves through my heart as calm as dead water.

No, it was a storm.

I had been the focal point wherever I went since I was young, but when we rode my bicycle through the little alley near the school, I found that she was also something that people weren’t willing to look away from.

Ha, ha, I was the same.  There were times when even I secretly wanted to take a few peeks.

Over time, I found that care and attention became a habit.

A terrifying habit.

She got off the bus every day at around 7:20 and then went to the breakfast shop to the right to buy some breakfast.  She loved to eat seaweed wrapped rice each day and she seemed to hate bread the most…..

I remember one time when she got off the bus at 7:30 and everything in the breakfast shop had been sold, only leaving bread.

She angrily grabbed the boss and said that she would never eat at their store again.

I don’t know why she hated bread, but since I notice that fact, I didn’t like eating bread that much either.

Her character straightforward.  There were times when she was overbearing and times when she was shy.

I remember when she came to our classroom to stop me.  Actually I saw her, I also saw the rainbow bracelet she was wearing.  Without knowing why, I was actually filled with incomparable joy in that moment.  As for what classmate Fang Tian Tian was saying, I didn’t hear a single word.

Then she said that she could stop flowers for me.  I didn’t know what kind of expression I had in that moment, but there was only joy in my heart.

I felt that this girl in front of me was different from others, she was very interesting.  It made people unable to stop thinking about approaching her.

Later I told her to study properly, I didn’t want to lose a girlfriend when going to university.  I didn’t know if she understood or not, but I agreed to her so called deal.

To talk about the day that I was most moved, it was when she appeared in the science classroom.  My heart was about to jump out in that moment. There were all kinds of feelings in my heart, joy, being moved, happiness……

She walked towards me like a dazzling light, shining down on my unguarded heart.

Bright and warm.

I knew in that moment that the luckiest thing in my life was meeting her.

Our story didn’t have any large waves, but the peaceful years made me feel incomparably cherished.

We would fight and give each other the silent treatment, but it would always be better in less than twenty hours.

That was our first agreement, our final thought.

Day and night, year after year, even if you didn’t need it, I would always be there!

The first moment of spring, the first blossoms of spring, the winds of spring, none of it could compare to you.

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