Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 32)

Sitting in her father’s car, Luo Qing Chen decided to ignore him for the rest of this year.

She received a text from Su Liang Chen today, there was only a single word: Sorry……

Ze, ze!  She suddenly felt that she was male god Su’s first love because he was so ignorant and there was no creativity with his apology at all!

Su Liang Chen on the other side felt very awkward.  He had looked at his cell phone several times all morning, but he didn’t receive any response at all.

Although his expression didn’t show anything, his actions completely demonstrated his heart.

For example, his mom had him buy some eggs, but he bought duck eggs in the end.

His little brother had him buy a cup of milk tea, but he brought back coconut milk tea.

His dad had him buy a newspaper, but he brought back a magazine.

When he came home, his entire family was stunned!

The Su Family’s eldest son with his heaven defying memorization skills, how could he have made such mistakes!

“Son, are you alright?  Are you sick?” Mother Su asked with a worried face.

“Bro, you, you, you, are you mutating?”  Little Brother Su asked with a terrified face.

“Son, did the girl you like run off with someone else?”  Father Su with a look of melancholy.

“Dad, what did you say?”  Su Liang Chen’s brain wisely chose to ignore Mother Su and Little Brother Su’s words and only heard Father Su’s words.

“Aiya, my son is finally in love!”  Father Su was certain when he saw his expression.  His son had the same expression when he saw his mother that year, his deep eyes were sparkling.

Su Liang Chen was a bit stunned.  Looking at his father looking like he had won the lottery, he shook off his daze.

He put the duck eggs, coconut milk tea, and magazine on the table before softly saying, “I’m heading out.”

“Son, come back soon!  We’re having out New Year’s Eve dinner tonight!”  His mother’s voice sounded behind him, but he was already out the door.

There was a beautifully wrapped little box in his pocket that had a Swarovski swan necklace inside.  It was the New Year’s gift he wanted to give her.

Although, what he really wanted was a ring……

He remembered Luo Qing Chen’s address from the school anniversary records last time.  Although he had only caught a glance, he firmly remembered it.

After half an hour, he was downstairs at her house.  He took out his cell phone to send a text: Happy New Year’s, I’m downstairs at your house…..

“Ding ling~”  Luo Qing Chen who was at her grandmother’s house eating a roasted chicken leg heard her cell phone ring.  She held the chicken leg in one hand as she opened her cell phone with the other.

After that, the chicken leg fell onto the table and she was in a completely stunned state.

System, nonsense system.  The house he is downstairs of, which house is it!  Is it my house?

[Nonsense, otherwise!]

Damn, why does he know where my house is!  Moreover, what is he doing coming to my house on New Year’s Eve instead of being at home eating chicken legs for?

The system instantly played dead, not planning to answer her nonsensical questions.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart was filled with anxiety.  She came to the old folk’s home to celebrate New Year’s Eve, she couldn’t tell her dad to send her back.

Forget it, she would go back herself!

She quickly finished the chicken leg and drank several mouthfuls of soup before standing up while saying, “Dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, I need to go back to school first.  The teacher has something they need!”

As soon as her voice fell, she ran to the train stop with her little bag.

Her grandmother’s house was only two stops away from A City.  She didn’t need a first class ticket, she could just use a standing ticket.

“It’s New Year’s Eve and you still need to go to school!”

“Students these days!  They really are hardworking!”

Mrs. Xu and her grandmother’s voice slowly came from not far away.

Her expression: She couldn’t hear anything!

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