Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 25)

It was Sunday and the sun was shining bright.

Don’t ask why she was still heading to school on a Sunday.  Third year high school students didn’t have the rights to a break!

She immediately went to the principal’s office to report in after arriving at school.  Qian Fei Fei had been there for a long time with an arrogant appearance, making her want to vomit out her vegetable bun as soon as she saw her.

That’s right, she had changed breakfast!  She changed from milk and bread to soy milk and vegetable buns!

One test room, three invigilators, and two one hundred and eighty degree cameras with no dead angles.

The synchronized image would be broadcast to the large screen in the school yard for all the students to watch.

With everyone watching like this, no one could cheat.

The principal felt that this decision was very correct.  One was a student that brought a cell phone into the test room and one was a student who had suddenly soared up.

Both of them were suspected of cheating!  With this B version test, not only did it test their ability, it also gave them a chance to clear their names.

The test would last for a total of one hundred and twenty minutes.  The papers would be marked by the invigilator on site and the results would be immediately announced.

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes.  She had prepared her stationery and headphones, everything was ready.

Other than the thirty minutes used for the listening portion, Luo Qing Chen only spent around forty minutes on writing the answers.  Although she was a bit slower compared to Su Liang Chen, she had scored higher than him.

Ha, ha, I finally beat Su Liang Chen on a test.  Although, the win was a bit inelegant……

[It’s good that you know!]  The system couldn’t take her inner monologue any longer and replied.

Humph!  Taking back what I gave, you made me eat all those pieces of bread!

When her pen wrote the final word, Luo Qing Chen stood up.  Her eyes moved slightly and she looked over at Qian Fei Fei who was still on the second page before walking towards the front podium.

She carried it up and handed it over!  All her actions were confident!

She went down stairs and passed the tight ring, looking at the young man waiting for her under the pear flower tree.

He looked up slightly with a faint smile on his lips.

This was his first time smiling at her.

That smile, it was so, so warm.

The students all joining in the fun on the school field all revealed looks of disbelief.  Luo Qing Chen was just too fast, she only took seventy minutes to finish the test!

“Don’t be surprised yet, she probably randomly filled it out!”  A person with decent english marks said while pushing up his glasses.

“You, don’t judge if you don’t know anything.”  A girl on the side rolled her eyes at him and retorted back.

Two invigilators looked over Luo Qing Chen’s test and they couldn’t keep their eyes open.  The english words written in an elegant font, they were actually…..all correct.

The B version of the test was harder than the A version, but Luo Qing Chen had raised her level and wrote a passionate essay.  All kinds of different phrases, using them all in a wonderful manner.

After ten minutes of reading it over, the invigilator finally wrote a score on Luo Qing Chen’s test.

The screen changed and the red pen went across, causing all the students to hold their breath.




“Damn, full marks!”  The students all exploded.  Whether they knew her or not, they all clapped for her.”

She was a bit surprised as she said with a frown, “What are they clapping for?”

Why does it seem like a villain bullying a pale beauty?  This treasure is the pale beauty, alright?

“It should be because your score has been released!”  Su Liang Chen looked at the excited people in front and he couldn’t help feeling a bad taste in his mouth.  He turned in another direction and said, “Let’s go over there.”

He never knew before that he had this kind of possessiveness.  Whenever he saw her talking to another man, his heart would feel depressed, especially that Tang Yu!

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