Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 7)

Di Luo Feng took his hand back in a panic.  He looked up and cleared his throat as he said, “It’s not impossible to break the Snow Qilin’s dream world.  Shattering it would hurt the innocent and it might not come out, so we would have no other choices.”

She looked at him pretending to be calm and couldn’t help finding it funny.

If it wasn’t for the affection gain, she really wouldn’t have known that Di Luo Feng was pretending to be calm!

“So.”  She said, “You have another way?”

“Isn’t it often said that nothing ventured, nothing gained?”

“You want to enter the dream world it created?”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  If they entered the Snow Qilin’s dream world, it would be in control and could control their dreams.

If they couldn’t wake up from it, this world would no longer have Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Masters.

“There is nothing in my heart, I’m not afraid of the dreamscape.”  His eyes sparkled a bit as he looked at her, “If I break this enchantment and break through this dreamscape, the number three divine beast of the Hundred Beast Continent will become my spiritual pet.”

In this life, he obtained everything that he wanted.  Perhaps there was nothing in this world that could make him lose himself in.

“Humph.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said with a proud snort, “Who knows who’ll get out of the dreamscape first!”

“If this is miss Luo’s declaration of war.”  He looked up and that bewitching face revealed a smile to her, “I accept.”

So-called not stepping down.  The other side had said all this, if she showed fear now, she would be insulting the name of a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master.

“It’s the transport point in front, it should be the Other Side Forgotten River.  You’ll enter the Snow Qilin’s dreamscape after passing through this.”  Her expression changed slightly as she said, “Come!”

After saying this, she moved forward.

Di Luo Feng’s eyes revealed a different expression.  His right hand moved and an azure glow appeared on the hem of her skirt before instantly disappearing.

Luo Qing Chen stood on the transport point and saw the blue light appear.  It would be false if she said she wasn’t worried.

Entering the Other Side Forgotten River, both of them no longer had any memories.  All the stories were made for them by the Snow Qilin just for a single goal.

To let them fall into their dreams and never wake up.

In this world, if neither of them could tame the Snow Qilin, then all the mortals and Imperial Beast Masters of the Hundred Beast Continent would forever stay in the dreams it created.

She and Di Luo Feng went forward at the same point, standing in the transport point.

The Other Side Forgotten River, past and present: Dreams in the beginning, night cherry blossom like songs.

A large red sedan was slowly moving across the streets of the capital city, as drums were being beaten and firecrackers exploded.

Sitting in the sedan was the ‘capital city’s number one beauty’ Luo Qing Chen.  In order for her father to pay off his underground gambling debts, he had sold his sixteen year old daughter to a sixty year old imperial tutor.

However this young miss Luo only loved the hunter Di Luo Feng from the Other Side Village, vowing to only become his wife.

But the heavens weren’t fair, having her marry this dying imperial tutor, just to be his little concubine.

But no one expected that while the sedan was on the road, the imperial tutor stopped breathing in his bed.

There was a cold wind in the air and everyone had shocked expressions as they scattered.

The girl in the large red sedan slowly opened the curtain.

There was a handsome face that met her gaze that had slightly tilted lips in a faint smile.

He slowly raised his hand and gently touched her fingers, “Qing’er, come with me.  From now on, I will make sure you have no worries.”

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