Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 2)

Un, to put it simply, it’s another story of love and killing.

The Hundred Beast Continent, it was a continent filled with magical spirit beasts.

Other than spirit beasts, there were normal people and Imperial Beast Masters.

The Imperial Beast Masters were separated into north and south factions.  It’s said that the ancestors of those factions were lovers, but it was unknown why those two separated and even became hostile with each other.

The south faction only had men and the north faction only had women.

The male lead was  the most powerful Imperial Beast Master of the south faction and the previous host was the most powerful Imperial Beast Master of the north faction that had taken half his glory.

Both of them were Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Masters.

On the Hundred Beast Continent, the two of them were once in a thousand year——


Because for hundreds of years, there were only four Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Masters on the continent and that included the two founders of the north and south factions.

As for the supporting female lead Yu Ruo Shui, she was the only disciple of the former host.

Her talent wasn’t bad, becoming a Fourth Grade Imperial Beast Master at the age of fifteen, but she couldn’t reach the fifth grade no matter what.

The previous host told her that being an Imperial Beast Master was already an opportunity in this world.  For hundreds of years, the north and south factions only had a few hundred people, so she shouldn’t worry too much.

Yu Ruo Shui listened at first, but when she met the supporting male lead An Qiao Yu, she decided to become the best Imperial Beast Master.

One day, she would stand by his side in the light.

An Qiao Yu, the male lead’s junior from the same sect, a Seventh Grade Imperial Beast Master.

Although he was two level lowers than Di Luo Feng, he was an outstanding existence in the Imperial Beast Master world.

However, An Qiao Yu had fell in love with the former host at first sight.

It was in the Ink Card Forest and they were surrounded by the number four divine beast of the Hundred Beast Continent, the Snow Phoenix.

The previous host raised the Splendid Flashy Orb and faced the fierce Snow Phoenix without any fear.

Her eyes were cold and she used her powerful Imperial Beast Energy to make the Snow Phoenix submit, becoming her spirit beast.

At that time, the south faction had only sent An Qiao Yu and lost the chance to tame this spirit beast.

The supporting female lead Yu Ruo Shui fell in love with An Qiao Yu at this time.  Although he was powerless when facing the Snow Phoenix, at least he could protect people.

Which included the former host’s disciple, Yu Ruo Shui.

Some people wished to gradually lose themselves, losing everything, even losing themselves.

After the Ink Card Forest, Yu Ruo Shui kept working hard to improve her level.

But she never thought that she wouldn’t be able to improve no matter what.

The previous host told her that Imperial Beasts took talent, but she didn’t believe it.

In the end, Yu Ruo Shui used abnormal means to open the Dark Beast Pavilion.

She stole the forbidden spell of the Imperial Beast World, the Bloodthirsty Subduing Beast Spell.

When she used this forbidden spell to raise herself to a Fifth Grade Imperial Beast Master.

An Qiao Yu came to the north faction and asked for the hand of the head in marriage, he wanted to marry the previous host.

Yu Ruo Shui naturally didn’t agree.  She planned everything to kill the previous host.

Other than being able to tame divine beasts, Imperial Beast Masters also had some spells.

It wouldn’t be easy to kill the previous host.

She used  the normal secret techniques of the Dark Beast Pavilion to make a poison.

It was colourless and tasteless.  She fed it to her daily.

Since the previous host only had her as a disciple, all her daily needs were taken care of by Yu Ruo Shui and she had never doubted her.

Until the day the poison killed her did she realize what kind of person her disciple was.

It was a pity that everything was too late.

Then Yu Ruo Shui used the Bloodthirsty Subduing Beast Spell to reach the seventh grade before confessing to An Qiao Yu.

In the end, An Qiao Yu accepted Yu Ruo Shui.

Since then, the two of them lived a happy life together.

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