Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: Side story: A crush is a beautiful little thing (Part 1)

The entire dorm knew that I liked Bei Xiao Shi, almost to the point I could give up everything.

Only Bei Xiao Shi didn’t know about it.

I wasn’t tall when I was young, it wasn’t until the second year of middle school that I soared into the sky.

My height came from my father and my face came from my mother, I never had any pimples.

Because of this, I was even beaten by my mother.  She didn’t care about her face mask, she was just afraid that there was something wrong with my sexual orientation.

When I first met Bei Xiao Shi, it was the first year of middle school.

When I started middle school, I was mocked by the other boys of the same grade for being short.

They liked to push me into the dirt and ruin my uniform.

Bei Xiao Shi was quite popular at that time, her carefree personality made her feel like a big sister in middle school.

One afternoon, I was being bullied by classmates.  They seemed to be enjoying bullying me.

Because I didn’t fight back……

Or rather the me from that time couldn’t fight back!

I saw a girl with a pigtail walk over while eating a popsicle.

There were two tall girls who were by her who seemed even taller than the classmates bullying me.

I watched as she walked into my sight with the light behind her and that sight was the brightest light in my life.

She dropped the popsicle on the head of the boy bullying me and looked at him as she said, “Learning to bully people in the first year of middle school, perhaps you’ll be killing and setting fires when you grow up!”

The male student was a bit afraid when seeing her, but he still reacted, “What does a little girl like you care?  You really think that you’re a big sister!”

Right after that, Bei Xiao Shi put the male students head in the mud without another word.

She stepped on this ‘dish cloth’ and looked at the other male student that was prepared to help, raising her hand to slap him.

To be honest, this was quite handsome……

Other than that, it had to be said that Bei Xiao Shi really was a weird girl.

I was still wondering after all those years how she was that strong.

The enemy’s momentum was stopped and when the two tall girls came out, the boys immediately surrendered and begged for mercy, “Big sister Bei, we are just small people.  We were wrong, we were wrong, we won’t dare in the future.”

“Scram.”  Bei Xiao Shi gave a cold snort and kicked one of the boy’s butt.

The boys ran off in fear……

Bei Xiao Shi clapped her hands and got rid of the mud in her hands.  She looked at the popsicle on the ground before saying with a shrug, “It really is a waste of a popsicle.”

At the same time, she casually reached out to me, wanting to help me up.

I would never forget that moment in that life, the moment when I looked up at her.

A pair of clear eyes that sparkled, the white skin with a few beads of sweat, and those lips curled into a smile.

I timidly reached out my hand and grabbed her cool palm as I stood up.

She just honestly looked at me and said, “Why didn’t you fight back?  Just fight back if you’re ever being hit, I’ll take responsibility for whatever you break.”

She would never know that my heart skipped a beat in that moment.  It was like hope shined into my heart and the warm sunlight pierced the darkness, warming me like no one had ever done before.

The me of that time knew that she was my only savior.

For this savior, I was willing to work hard all my life, putting in all my effort for the rest of my time.

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