Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 418

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Chapter 418: Mister’s childhood lover (End)

Seven days later, it was her scheduled wedding.

A pure white wedding dress and beautiful music.  Twenty three years of love was finally blooming.

The priest read vows, they exchanged rings, and then promised to be together until they grow old together.

He finally got his wish in marrying the only person in the world that he wanted to marry.

His childhood sweetheart, Luo Qing Chen.

Time finally didn’t let him down and didn’t leave him alone in this life.

One afternoon after the wedding, Luo Qing Chen took his wallet from the desk on his study and planned to change the photo inside!

She never thought that when she picked it up, a piece of neatly folded paper would fall out.

Opening it, she found that it was what she had written in her notebook in that final English class.

She felt her fingers begin to tremble and she accidentally opened it, revealing the words written on it.

I will wait, in the short future, I will always be waiting.  Of course, I have a limit and I’ll stop waiting on that day.  The limit is…..a hundred years.

She felt her tears flowing out, dripping down her cheeks and landing on her hand.

Her hand was trembling as that piece of paper slowly fell to the ground.

She looked down as the silent youth walked in front of her.  He leaned down to pick up the piece of paper and looked at her with calm as water eyes as he said, “Mrs Ye, why are you looking at my private things!  This was written by my first lover, you’re not allowed to peek.”

He used his hands to softly wipe her tears before slowly folding up the paper and putting it in his pocket.

“Sorry Ye Zhi Jin, I made you wait for me for seven years.”  She lowered her head, saying the word that she had never said to him.

She really was sorry.  No matter what the reason was, she threw him away for an entire seven years.

“No, it should be ten years.”  Ye Zhi Jin patted her head and looked at her with a deep look, “The three years of middle school also count.  So, Mrs Ye owes me ten years, you have to return them to me…..”


“It can be calculated in the next life, but there will be interest.”  Ye Zhi Jin said with a thoughtful nod, “The interest should be very high to make up for my loss over those ten years……”

“Ye Zhi Jin…..”  She looked up into his eyes and said, “I have no chance to return to the moment we first met, but I will do my best to be with you for the rest of my life.  Until we grow old, never breaking our vows.”

“Alright.”  He nodded without any hesitation as he softly took her in his embrace.  His eyes were filled with pampering as he said, “Deal!”

In this life, they stayed together and protected each other for several decades.

She left ten days earlier than Ye Zhi Jin, but these ten days to Ye Zhi Jin was as long as ten years.

The day he passed away, he laid in bed as the talk they had in the study flashed in front of his eyes.  His old voice slowly came out as he muttered, “You said that you owe me ten years, but you left before me by ten days.  The current me…..completely understands what a day feeling like a year means.  Cruel miss childhood sweetheart, can I go find you?”

That was the last thing he said as the life monitor by the bed made a beep sound and flatlined.

Ten years in the next life, he didn’t know if she could remember.  Hopefully she would return it to him……

All encounters in the world are long term reunions and all departures in this world come eventually.

I will be here waiting for you to slowly return to me.

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