Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 416

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Chapter 416: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 69)

The weather forecast said that it would rain tonight.

And at this time, it was two in the afternoon and the sky was clear with the sun shining down.

The desolate campus had become noisy after it was filled with colourful balloons.

Gu Qing Nuo was wearing a black suit with a large bouquet of roses in his hand, kneeling in a sea of balloons as he proposed to Zhang Xiao Ying.

This scene was so sweet that it unconsciously made people’s lips curl up.

Luo Qing Chen who wasn’t far away looked out the window of the classroom with her telescope and slightly narrowed her eyes.

“Qing Chen, is there really no problem?”  Bei Xiao Shi was a bit worried since the enemy was hidden and they were out in the open.

“Relax.”  She said with a nod, “Leave it to me.”

Her telescope slowly stopped at a corner in the end and her eyes turned cold as she revealed a faint smile.

Some things were finally about to end and some people would receive their miserable endings.

Eight at night, Zhang Xiao Ying received a text from Gu Qing Nuo and rushed out of the dorm.

There was already a drizzle in the sky and the temperature had dropped.

Zhang Xiao Ying softly stroked the invisible earphone in her right ear and walked to the library with her umbrella up.

As the time approached, she walked into the library and slowly closed her umbrella.

What she didn’t know was that right after.

“Peng!”  The library’s doors suddenly closed and the lights that were on instantly dimmed.

The person standing in the dark raised their right hand and stabbed the knife in their hand at the person who came in.

The blade softly nicked skin before someone grabbed Cheng Qian Zi’s hand and said, “Qian Zi, it’s over……”

“Dida.”  The lights in the library lit up and Luo Qing Chen’s clear voice slowly rang out, “That’s right, it should be over.”

Cheng Qian Zi’s eyes were dazzled by the light before she looked up at the person in front of her.  There was a bit of blood coming from his neck and his brows were tightly knit.

“Qing…..Qing Nuo……”  Cheng Qian Zi shook her head in fear and said, “No, why…..why is it you?”

“It’s me.”  He looked at Cheng Qian Zi in front of him with ice cold eyes.

Cheng Qian Zi was looking at the blood on his neck as she said with a pale face, “Sorry Qing Nuo, I didn’t want to hurt you…..Sorry…..I just wanted…..”

“Wanted to kill me, right?”  Zhang Xiao Ying walked out from behind Luo Qing Chen and coldly asked this.

“Right.”  Cheng Qian Zi glared at her as she said in a trembling voice, “It’s you…..It’s you……All you dirty people, how can you be with Qing Nuo?  You’re not worthy……”

“Whether they are worthy of me isn’t related to you at all!”  Gu Qing Nuo stared at her with cold eyes that didn’t contain any warmth at all.

“Qing Nuo, we are childhood friends!  I have been by your side since kindergarten, grade school, middle school, and high school.”  She bit her lips as she pointed at Luo Qing Chen and said, “If it wasn’t for Luo Qing Chen, we would have been together forever!  Forever…..”

“Enough!”  Gu Qing Nuo roared out and looked at Cheng Qian Zi with a fierce look as he angrily said, “No matter who appears in this world, I will never like you, Cheng Qian Zi.  Whether it is the past, the present, or the future!”

“Qing Nuo…..You…..Why are you like this to me, I’m the one who is good to you!”

“You’re good to me?”  Gu Qing Nuo gave a cold snort and narrowed his cold eyes as he said, “In my eyes, you are the world’s most disgusting and ugly person.  A person like you is never worthy of love and no one will ever love you.”

Like the rain outside the windows hitting the glass, Gu Qing Nuo’s words slammed into Cheng Qian Zi’s heart one by one.

The most painful thing was this!

She knew seven years ago that cruelest way to punish Cheng Qian Zi in this world was not to let her die, rather to let her be deeply hated by the person she loved the most.  Letting all her deepest desires pop like a bubble.

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