Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 64)

“Kacha, kacha.”  The shuttering sounds of cameras came from the corner.

At this banquet, how was it possible that there weren’t gossip reporters?

But did Ye Zhi Jin really care? 

He softly let go of Luo Qing Chen and took her hand, walking towards the door.

Su Lan not far away slowly came over.  Her eyes were a bit red, but she still elegantly stretched out her hand towards Luo Qing Chen, “Hello, I am Su Lan.”

Ye Zhi Jin’s eyes were very calm, he wasn’t worried about anything that Su Lan would say because there was nothing between them to begin with.

“Hello.”  She gave a slight nod, not really understanding why she suddenly blocked them.

“I am the daughter of one of Ye Zhi Jin’s teachers at Cambridge.  Although we’ve met before, I never introduced myself.” There were a few tears in her eyes, but her heart was very calm.

Perhaps there were some things that one would know only after seeing it.  No matter how hard you tried, there were the hearts of people that you couldn’t get.

This was because their heart was filled with another person.

Su Lan had never seen Ye Zhi Jin like that before.  It was also in that moment, she was relieved…..

“I know.”  She said with a faint smile, “Ji Chen mentioned you before.”

“Un.”  She bit her lip and looked at Ye Zhi Jin, “You know that dad is overseas alone, so I should go and be with him…..I’ll be saying goodbye today, alright?  Senior brother Ye!”

“Alright, have a safe trip.”  His voice was as calm as water, having no ripples like usual.

This was because he knew that he couldn’t have any hesitation in this matter at all.

A bit of hesitation would give the other side hope and once the other side had hope, they would be filled with endless pain.

He knew what he wanted from the day he understood the world and he always worked hard for his goal, always moving forward.

Even if he hits a wall, even if he breaks his head, he would walk into the darkness and never turn back.

After saying goodbye to Su Lan, he brought her away from the banquet hall in front of everyone.  He completely ignored everyone’s gaze and how important this banquet was.

This was because in his eyes, the girl that was standing by him right now was more important than anything in this world.

Including himself.

At the top floor of the Crown Hotel, the night breeze blew by bringing a faint begonia scent in the air.

It was October again…..

“Ye Zhi Jin.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at his back, which was still as straight as before.

She remembered the military training from that year when he carried her like this, walking out of the mountain step by step in the rain.

He didn’t care about his wounds or his dripping blood……

“Un?”  He softly replied as his eyes filled with gentleness.

This was his first time feeling that staying on the skydeck of the Crown Hotel could give him such a beautiful night scene.

He had never felt this before……

“You don’t have anything you want to ask me?”  She pursed her lips as her clear voice rang in the silent night.

Seven years, an entire seven years.  She had disappeared for seven years, but he didn’t complain at all.

How strong of a heart and mind did it require to make this kind of Ye Zhi Jin.

“I do!”  He slowly turned and put his hands in his pocket.  There was a loving look in his eyes as he looked at her with a faint smile, “Come here and I’ll tell you.”

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and walked towards him step by step.

She had already made up her mind, if he asked her about it, even if everything that happened seemed unbelievable, she would tell him the truth!

Ye Zhi Jin slowly raised his hand and patted her head as he said, “I want to ask, will you ever leave without saying goodbye again?”

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