Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 54)

The air was filled with a rich coffee smell that was sweet and fragrant.

Luo Qing Chen seemed to know at that moment that he wasn’t there.

Because his figure was deeply engraved in her mind, looking so clear.

“Hello, are you mister Ji Chen?”  The manager of the cafe came forward and asked in a respectful voice.

“How do you know?”  Ji Chen pretended to be a dandy as he fixed his tie and said, “Could it be…..you’re a secret admirer……”

“Ke, ke.”  The manager’s face turned red and immediately cut him off, “Sorry mister Ji, it was director Ye who had me wait for you here.”

“Director Ye?”  Ji Chen gave a shrug and said, “He actually booked a cafe for me!”

“Yes.”  She took out two tickets and said, “Director Ye had me give you this, he still had something else to do!”

“I know!  Help me pack up two cups of strawberry au lait.”  Ji Chen said to Su Lan beside him after taking the tickets, “You can order what you want to drink!”

“Blue Mountain coffee.”

“Alright, it’s a total of seventy eight yuan.”

“Ah, it still takes money?”  Ji Chen searched his pockets to find that he didn’t have his wallet before he cleared his throat and said, “You can just get it from director Ye!”

“Sorry, mister Ji.”  The manager said with an awkward voice, “We don’t take credit here.”

Ji Chen looked at Su Lan with a frown and Su Lan quickly shook his head, “I didn’t bring my bag……”

“I got it, I got it…..”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help revealing an awkward smile seeing these two rich masters.  She took out a hundred from her wallet and said, “Here.”

Without knowing it, at that moment, the seven coloured bracelet slipped off her wrist.

“Aiya, it really is good having a little assistant.”  Ji Chen smiled as he patted Luo Qing Chen’s shoulder, while his eyes sparkled.

After five minutes, the manager handed them the two drinks and said, “Please come again.”

“I won’t!”  Ji Chen gave a snort.  He pushed Luo Qing Chen while saying to Su Lan behind him, “You just wait for Ye Zhi Jin here, although I don’t know if he’ll come back.”

After walking out of the cafe, Luo Qing Chen felt a bit disappointed.

In the end, they didn’t meet.

She looked up at the wind chimes before a faint trace of sorrow appeared in her eyes.

Disappointment was like rain, falling down on the memories by the side of the road.

Memories sinking into the past and disappearing in reality.

At the large scale math seminar.

There were the elites of the country’s math world here, every person had the word ‘pride’ written on their face.

The pride of being different from others.

Luo Qing Chen met Ji Chen’s greatest rival, Li Sheng.

He was also the one who had taken first place at the math conference’s last genius competition.

There would be a competition at the conference each year, with people coming up in pairs to duel and the loser stepping off.

Everyone only had a single chance to go on stage and the last person on stage was the winner.

“Ai, loser, we meet again.”  Li Sheng gave a cold snort, as he looked at him with a taunting smile, “I never imagined it, you could still get a ticket?”

A month ago, he had used underhanded methods to get all the tickets to this conference.

Then he sold them on the net with transactions that required real names, so he never thought that Ji Chen would get a ticket.

“Say that after you win this year, alright?”  Ji Chen looked up with cold eyes filled with hostility.

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