Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 49)

“But vice director Ji…..”  Ai Wei clearly lost to the incredibly handsome face, so she just said with a sigh in the end, “Vice director Ji has looked for many people in the company over the years and not a single one has been your match, why don’t you give up!”

“The revolution hasn’t been complete, of course I can’t give up.”  He reached out and waved at Luo Qing Chen’s group as he said, “You must be the new interns!”

“Yes.”  Su Liang nodded, acknowledging this.

After all, he was the only man from the three interns and he couldn’t let girls come out first.

“I have several math questions here, I want everyone to have fun at work, so you’ll get a reward of five hundred for each question you answer!”  Ji Chen said to the assistant behind him, “Xiao Dong, bring out the blackboard.”

Luo Qing Chen leaned back and asked the older employee with a confused look, “I don’t understand, it isn’t anything to do these questions and you can get a reward, why is it bad!”

“It is because there is a reward that people work hard to solve the questions.  But vice director Ji is a math genius and only director Ye has solved his problems in this world, others can’t do it even if they shatter their heads.”

Hearing the two words director Ye, Luo Qing Chen could feel her heart skipping a beat.

It was like a big drumstick slamming down on her heart again and again.

But based on the well thought out analysis of the older employee, she understood why Ai Wei was that scared of Ji Chen.

It was because those workers spent quite a bit of their working time for that five hundred dollars, which not only lowered their performance, it might even lead to them being fired.

“That means that there should be people from the design department who have been fired or resigned because of vice director Ji?”  Luo Qing Chen kept asking behind her as her expression changed slightly.

“I know that there have been three!”

“Got it!”  Luo Qing Chen nodded to show she understood, she completely understood this matter!

“What, no one wants to give it a try?”  Seeing that no one came out, Li Chen’s deep eyes had a look of disappointment.

It was all Ye Zhi Jin’s fault, he seemed to be busy with something lately and hadn’t had time to study math with him.

So he came all this way to the design department, but there was no one willing to play with him.

Those girls looked at him with shining eyes, but they were afraid when they saw his math.

Was it really that hard to find someone who liked math?  If she didn’t understand, he could teach her!

Moreover, it wasn’t limited to men and women!

“Vice director Ji, the new employees haven’t been here for long, so there are many things they don’t know yet…..”  Ai Wei respectfully explained, “Isn’t it better to wait a while before learning from vice director Ji?”

“No!”  Ji Chen was a bit annoyed, as he pretended to be angry and said, “I’ve been to a total of seven floors today and haven’t found a single person.  If you don’t take this topic seriously, how do you know you don’t know it! I don’t care, Ai Wei, the design department has to take out someone to do the problems today, it doesn’t matter if it’s wrong.”

Ji Chen looked very persistent.  As a handsome and chic vice director and being rejected by the people under him, it made him feel a bit uncomfortable!


“That, vice director Ji, I’ll answer them!”  Luo Qing Chen cut in first when Su Liang was about to raise his hand, standing up as she spoke to Ji Chen.

Ji Chen would never forget the moment Luo Qing Chen came forward.  There was a warm breeze that came from outside the window that blew over her short, curly hair, as a faint jasmine scent filled the air.

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