Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 34)

Luo Qing Chen was walking on a small road while talking to the system.

System, calling the system.

[The host can speak directly if you need anything, you do have the exchange points!]

Humph!  Proud system!  I need two things!

[Please speak, host.]

1. An avatar that looks exactly like me.  I know you have it, I saw it in the shop.

2. A drug that makes people see illusions.

[Alright!  The avatar will cost 5000 exchange points and it can only be used once.]

??? So expensive!

[This price is already quite cheap.  As for the hallucination drug, what kind does the host want?]

It’s that kind of drug that people wanted to use when they did “pa pa pa”.

The system’s face turned red, but it still said in its mechanical voice.

[Yes!  500 exchange points, but it isn’t a drug and rather it’s a powder.]

Fine, exchange!

[Ding, 5000 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for avatar (One time use).]

Luo Qing Chen was stunned and doubtfully looked around.  It was a good thing this was a remote corner, otherwise if someone appeared out of thin air, she would definitely be on the front page of the major newspapers tomorrow!

She patted her small chest and looked at the avatar in front of her, as she couldn’t help sighing with praise.

It really was too similar!

Other than the eyes being a bit blank, almost every pore was exactly like hers.

[The host can use your thoughts to control the avatar and help you do what you want to do.]

Ke, ke, my powerful system!  It seems like you already know my thoughts.


So am I right in guessing what Cheng Qian Zi wants to do?

[Completely correct.]  The system spread its nonexistent hands to say: The host after experiencing many worlds really has become an old schemer.

Facing supporting female leads, she doesn’t wait for them to harm her before she fights back and even puts up the best defense!

Un, smart!

When the avatar moved towards the convenience store, several people came out of a white business van and hit the back of her head before taking her away.

All of this took less than thirty seconds and there weren’t that many people on the street.  Even if an aunt or uncle saw it, they quickly left the scene and didn’t try to help or stay.

The avatar was just an avatar and it didn’t feel pain, so it wasn’t really knocked out.  It just fell down when Luo Qing Chen sent a thought for it to faint.

The business van drove for around thirty minutes before it stopped at a private club.

It was a very remote place with all kinds of red lights around, looking like a place that sold H.

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes and could see everything the avatar saw.

“Come, lift this beauty up for big brother!”  Liang Kun revealed two uneven rows of teeth that were black and yellow.  Even if she wasn’t standing by him, she could smell a terrible stench.

Cheng Qian Zi was the last one out of the business van and she had a camcorder in her hands.

She knit her brows.  Although she didn’t like this place, her lips still unknowingly curled into a smile.

Finally, finally she would take her revenge!

This girl would be played with by a bunch of lecherous and dirty men, becoming disgusting and violated!

Thinking of this, her smile became even brighter.

Like this, her Gu Qing Nuo would only ever belong to her and no one would be allowed to take him away!


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