Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 33)

After the match, Cheng Qian Zi quickly made a call.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as she pulled Bei Xiao Shi beside her.

Bei Xiao Shi immediately understood and the two followed her.

Cheng Qian Zi never thought that someone would follow her, so she was quite at ease when she met Liang Kun.

“Qian Zi, you made big brother Kun wait so long!”  Liang Kun said with a terrifying smile, “When will you let big brother Kun have a taste of a little student?”

“Ai——”  Cheng Qian Zi’s eyes revealed a bit of panic, but she quickly revealed a graceful smile as she said, “I will find you a better one that will definitely satisfy you!”

Liang Kun stuck out his tongue and snorted a few times, before touching his bearded chin with his rough hands and saying, “Qian Zi, you better not disappoint big brother Kun and his brothers, you’ve promised me this many times.  Even if I can’t eat you, you should give me some other sweets, right?”

“Of course, I am big brother Kun’s little sister, of course I’m always thinking of you.”  Cheng Qian Zi lowered her head with a smile as her eyes revealed a fierce look.

Bei Xiao Shi heard this and rolled up her sleeve to charge over, but Luo Qing Chen stopped her and whispered, “Fooled, what do you gain from going over now?  At best you’ll just ruin her plan. But for someone calculating like her, naturally she would think of a second plan.”

“Then what do we do, we can’t just wait for them to take care of us, right!”  Bei Xiao Shi was trembling from her rage. She bit her lips and revealed a look of rage as she looked at Cheng Qian Zi not far away.

“So what if we wait for her?”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile as she said to Bei Xiao Shi, “Did you forget what we talked about before?  For a person like Cheng Qian Zi, what kind of thing will hurt her?”

“Gu Qing Nuo?”  Bei Xiao Shi knit her brows and said with pursed lips, “But what does she want to do?  Based on what they did before, it seems like they’re always targeting you.”

“You’re not dumb if you can think of this!”  Luo Qing Chen patted her head and said, “I can guess most of it.”

She narrowed her eyes and looked at Cheng Qian Zi in front of her with a cold look in her eyes.

Perhaps she had experienced quite a bit, but she could guess most of what this kind of person was thinking.  How terrifying she was couldn’t compare to Cheng Qian Zi of the other plane.

That night, the members of the basketball team held a party to celebrate their victory.

Luo Qing Chen received a text message from Gu Qing Nuo, asking her to buy a couple bottles of Coke from the convenience store behind them.

The cell phone number was Gu Qing Nuo’s, but she knew who was the one who really sent the text message.

Luo Qing Chen shared her speculations with Bei Xiao Shi whose eyes almost popped out when she heard it.

“She……She wouldn’t be that ruthless, right!”  Bei Xiao Shi didn’t dare believe that a high school girl would be so calculative.

But there would always be a few irregularities in this world.  Her being this calculative was inherent and unrelated to her age, she was just this dirty to begin with.

“Un, it should be this.  Let’s observe the situation step by step.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at her and said, “Let’s keep in touch.”

“But……”  Bei Xiao Shi was a bit worried as she looked at her and said, “If your guesses are right, you’ll be in danger by going alone!  I think her big brother is someone from a gang……”

“If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, you can’t lure out the tiger.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh as her eyes turned cold and she said, “I’ve already guessed their plans, so if something really happens to me, I won’t need to keep going, don’t you think?”

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