Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 26)

A week later, the basketball game arrived.

Dream One High School was very unlucky in drawing the strongest in S City, Martial Three High School.

That school was rather famous for their talent in sports, they had been the champions of S City for several years now……

With the third years not being able to participate and the second years being beaten last year, the main force for this basketball game will be the first years.

As the tallest and most handsome, Ye Zhi Jin and Gu Qing Nuo were confirmed as the main forces for this year’s basketball game.

All the girls of Dream One High School when they heard this news, the seats would all be filled when these two male gods competed!

This morning, Bei Xiao Shi who had never talked to her deskmate bought Ye Zhi Jin a cup of milk tea.

Ye Zhi Jin was stunned, but her next action was to pat Luo Qing Chen’s shoulder.

She turned and looked at Bei Xiao Shi.  She saw Bei Xiao Shi smile as she said, “Can you help me save a place at the basketball game tonight?”

Everyone competing could bring a friend to cheer for them, showing off their might!

“Sorry.”  Ye Zhi Jin said with an awkward smile, “I’m saving……”

“Alright!  Don’t say it.”  Bei Xiao Shi cut him off and helplessly spread her hand as she said, “Love is more important than friends, I understand!”

“But I do have my doubts.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Xiao Shi and said, “You don’t seem like someone who cares about the basketball game!”

At least the Bei Xiao Shi she knew wouldn’t care about asking Ye Zhi Jin to save a place for her.


“I’ll help you save a place.”  When Bei Xiao Shi was stuttering, Gu Qing Nuo turned around and looked at her with a good looking smile as he spoke.

“Eh…..”  Bei Xiao Shi cleared her throat and said, “Wouldn’t your Qian Zi kill me!”

“No, she’s going with a friend.”  Gu Qing Nuo revealed an awkward smile.  Finally looked at Luo Qing Chen and said, “Deskmate, you two have to properly cheer for us!”

“This!”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Ye Zhi Jin and said, “You two also have to play well!”

In the previous host’s memory, Gu Qing Nuo and Ye Zhi Jin should be good at basketball.  Although it wasn’t certain that they could beat Martial Three, at least they wouldn’t be slaughtered!

When Luo Qing Chen and Bei Xiao Shi arrived at the basketball court, it was filled with people and they were all cheering.

There were even some people who didn’t get spaces who were sitting on small boards in the stairway.

“Damn, so it feels like this to be stared at.”  Bei Xiao Shi held Luo Qing Chen’s hand and said, “Why does it feel like everyone is targeting you?”

“Un.”  She looked up slightly and said with a faint smile, “I’m used to it.”

Ye Zhi Jin was walking in front of her, moving very slowly like he was deliberately waiting for her.

She could feel this feeling and her heart couldn’t help feeling warm.

“Ai, I say, why is this Dream One High School crowd so full?”  Martial Three’s members had already changed uniforms and deliberately came out from the side, looking at them with looks of disdain as they said, “You look not bad, but your body, it’s like butter, don’t you think so, ha, ha, ha, ha——”

“Why don’t you take a look at yourself?  You look like a barbarian, who knows how old you guys are.”  Bei Xiao Shi snappily said while rolling her eyes and giving a cold snort.

“Little girl, what did you say?”  That person heard this and raised a fist like he was prepared to fight.

“Wang Gang, don’t embarrass yourself.”  But right after that, a beautiful voice came from behind.

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