Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 23)

While running, everyone’s attention fell onto her, but she didn’t care at all.

That elegant and silent youth was suddenly called in for a lecture for being imperfect because of her.

Ye Zhi Jin, wanting my gaze doesn’t mean stopping your brilliance.

She was panting when she reached the office door and stood there.

The conversation inside made couldn’t help making her eyes a bit red.

“Teacher, I have nothing to say!”  Ye Zhi Jin stood there with his deep eyes.

“You……You have to study properly, you are this year’s biggest hope!”  The teacher said in an unyielding manner, “You have always received full points in math, so even if your grades slip, it shouldn’t have reached zero points!”

“Teacher, there are many things that can suddenly become bad in this world.”  Ye Zhi Jin looked forward with a serious face and said, “For example, even Einstein could come an idiot in a single night!”

“You…..”  The teacher grabbed his head and his face was red from anger.  He angrily roared out, “Student Ye, this is an insult to studying!”


“Puchi.”  When this was said, Luo Qing Chen standing at the door couldn’t help laughing.

How was this an insult?

“The one at the door, come in for me!”

……It’s over!

Luo Qing Chen shrank back her neck as she softly pushed open the door, saying with an awkward smile, “Hello teacher.”

“Oh, it’s Qing Chen!”  The teacher’s tone became gentle.  He cleared his throat and asked, “Do you need something?”

“That.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Ye Zhi Jin and said, “I am the representative for our math class, so when I heard our classmates say that classmate Ye didn’t do well and was called to the office, I just…..I came to watch…..Look, oh, no, to see what the situation was!”

She was a little flustered when she said this, since it was a bit difficult to lie.

“This is called not doing well?”  The teacher was trembling as he threw Ye Zhi Jin’s test on the table and said, “Every answer is written in the next question, this…..This is simply a challenge to the authority of teaching!”

“Ah.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at this and nodded before looking at Ye Zhi Jin, “How can you be so careless!”

It was like a light bulb popped up above Ye Zhi Jin’s head, as he looked at the teacher and said, “Our math class representative has always had full marks, so if I’m the same desk as her, I won’t be as careless next time!”


Luo Qing Chen and the teacher revealed the same stunned expression……

Where did this suggestion come from?  It’s not related at all, alright?

When the teacher didn’t know what to say, there were two girls who came in.  They seemed to be here to hand in papers, but they were gossiping quite loudly!

“Ah, look, isn’t that the rumoured couple?”

“Right, right!  They were finally noticed by the teacher!”

“Dating before becoming adults, ai, they really are bad.”

“They were caught this time……”


The words of these girls were completely different from normal people, they seemed quite targeted with each word sounding ugly.

The teacher’s face turned dark and he roared at the two girls, “Did you know when you came in?  What did you come in for?”

“We…..We…..”  They were first year high school students, so their face turned white in fear after being roared at by the teacher.

They looked at each other before immediately running off.

Luo Qing Chen looked at the teacher with a gaze of praise before saying with an awkward smile, “Teacher, those kinds of rumours, you can’t…..”

“The two of you, immediately call your parents!”


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