Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 22)

The day of the monthly exam was almost here and her relationship with Gu Qing Nuo was very limited, only passing notes.

But one had to mention Bei Xiao Shi, the amount of notes she gave was no less than Gu Qing Nuo.

“It’s the test tomorrow, are you nervous or excited?”  Bei Xiao Shi softly poked her back with her ballpoint pen, “Have you made any progress in math and physics that you fear the most!”

When this was said, Bei Xiao Shi looked over at Ye Zhi Jin at the same table and gave a teasing smile.

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows and tapped her pen on her forehead, “You just worry about yourself!  Don’t be at the bottom.”

“I’ve heard that seats will be placed based on high and low scores, putting good and bad grades together so they can teach each other.”  Bei Xiao Shi whispered in her ear, “You have to test properly, that way we’ll be lucky enough to be at the same desk.”

“You’re thinking it too beautifully.”  Luo Qing Chen turned back and couldn’t help trembling when seeing the word physics.

Speaking of this, couldn’t physics be replaced with math?  She was very confident in her math skills, alright?!

Every student who entered high school would have to experience their first monthly test.

The teacher said that this monthly test was especially important, but everyone knew that it was just the beginning of a bunch of tests.

On the third day after the monthly exams, the first year’s results were all put on the red board at the downstairs glass display.

First place: Yang Xue – 1032.


Ninth place: Luo Qing Chen – 980.


Luo Qing Chen kept going down, but she didn’t see Ye Zhi Jin’s name on the first page at all.

Until she reached the second page.

Sixty second place: Ye Zhi Jin – 900.

“What is this situation, Ye Zhi Jin who has always been first actually only got 900 this time?”

“It can’t be the rumours of falling in love that caused his grades to slip, right!”

“Ah, ah, ah, still so handsome, being able to get 900 even when dating.  I practiced all day and I only got 620, god really is unfair!”

“Are you sure you’re not playing on your phone while practicing?”


Luo Qing Chen knit her brows as she was filled with confusion.  With Ye Zhi Jin’s previous results, even if he did slip, it wouldn’t have slipped this much.

Dream One High School was a focused high school, so in the freshmen group, the results of the students were quite good.

900 would be considered at the top at other schools, but it wasn’t even in the top fifty at Dream One High School.

She didn’t even think as she ran towards the class.  She wanted to see his report card to see which subjects he didn’t do well in.

“Xiao Shi.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the empty space behind her before asking Xiao Shi, “Where’s Ye Zhi Jin?”

“Oh, he was just called to the office by the teacher.”  Bei Xiao Shi gave the report card on the table to her, “This is your report card.  Did you see which place you are in the grade?”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and didn’t respond.  She looked at Ye Zhi Jin’s report card that was placed under his physics textbooks.

She suddenly grabbed it and found that when she flipped it over, her eyes trembled.

Suddenly there was a strange feeling that filled her, that brought bitterness and warmth.

“What, you’re shocked at his perfect score?”  Bei Xiao Shi didn’t see anything wrong and asked her this.

Luo Qing Chen put down the report card and ran in the direction of the office.

Bei Xiao Shi picked up the report card with a confused look before her face filled with shock.

She suddenly stood up and shouted, “God, Ye……Ye, Ye Zhi Jin got…..zero in math?”

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