Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 10)

“My god, Ye Zhi Jin!”

“Ah, ah, I only heard Gu Qing Nuo was here, no one said that Ye Zhi Jin would also be here!”

“Ai, ai, ai, this old woman’s young heart!  The value of this year’s freshmen is quite high!”

“That, who is that person behind school hunk Ye!  Why does she look so unfamiliar!”

“It should be someone from the same class, just a coincidence…..”


There was an uproar in the library, but Ye Zhi Jin didn’t care at all.

He turned around to look at Luo Qing Chen and said, “Since there’s no space, let’s go!”

Luo Qing Chen looked at Gu Qing Nuo.  The instant their gazes met, he didn’t look away, rather he had the same playful look.

The proud look in his eyes seemed to be saying: Even if you’re not willing to save a spot for me, naturally there are many people willing to help me.

“Alright.”  She looked away and turned to follow Ye Zhi Jin.

For a while, Ye Zhi Jin’s expression was a bit disappointed.

He thought he could spend a few hours with her in the library, but he never thought it would be shattered like this.

“See you tomorrow.”  She waved at him with a sweet smile on her lips.

“Let’s exchange numbers!”  Ye Zhi Jin had been thinking for a long time before he finally spoke.

He was wearing white clothes, standing with his back to the light, and his eyes sparkled like the stars, making him look especially good.

“Alright.”  She nodded as she thought: She liked this suggestion very much!

This was her first time being in a world where she wasn’t attacking the male god, but the male god was attacking her.

Moreover, this feeling was really quite good!

Three days later, when the high temperature warning ended, Dream One High School had their yearly freshmen military training.

Luo Qing Chen’s expression: She didn’t like this kind of exercise at all.

Bei Xiao Shi was very happy, looking like she was going on an outing.

“Relax, I’ve brought all the snacks.  You don’t need to bring anything, I guarantee you won’t be hungry!”  Bei Xiao Shi patted her chest, looking very certain.

“Achoo!”  Luo Qing Chen felt a shiver as she sneezed.

“What is this situation, is someone insulting you!”


“Ze, ze, is someone thinking about you!”

“Ah, achoo!”

“Aiya, Luo Qing Chen, you have a cold!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”  She sniffed her nose and said, “I must have turned the air conditioner on too high last night!”

“It caused our precious Qing Chen to be sick the day before the military training!  Un, very honourable!” Bei Xiao Shi said with a smile, “Although I didn’t bring medicine, I do have some herbal medicine balm.  Put it on your nose and it’ll help.”

“Thank you Xiao Shi!”  As expected, it really was a warm feeling having a good friend!

On the bus, the teachers were encouraging the students to sing an old fashioned——


“Teacher, how about we sing «You At the Same Desk»!”  Gu Qing Nuo raised his hand with a smile in his eyes.

“Alright, student Gu Qing Nuo, come and take the lead.”  The teacher obviously gave special care to this student that took the lead.

Of course, school hunk Gu’s approval rate was also there!

As expected, there was a cheer that started right after!

“Gu Qing Nuo!  Gu Qing Nuo! Gu Qing Nuo!”

“Ke, ke.”  Gu Qing Nuo cleared his throat and his eyes fell onto the third row of the bus, as he began singing.

Will you think of the diary you write tomorrow?

Will you remember the you who used to love crying the most tomorrow?

The teachers already no longer think of you who can’t even guess the answer.

I flipped through the photos to remember the you of the same desk.


Gu Qing Nuo’s voice was very clear and warm, like there was a sunny school hunk singing right by your ear.

It wasn’t strange thinking about it.  If he wasn’t this outstanding, why would the previous host have been dead set on waiting for ten years?

The on and off love of ten years, how much courage would that take?

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