Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 9)

“He, he, he.”  After a while, she awkwardly shook her head and said, “You should have Ye Zhi Jin save a spot for you, I’m afraid of being attacked by your fangirls.”

Gu Qing Nuo heard this and a complicated look appeared in his eyes.

She was too afraid of gossip to save a spot for him, but going together with Ye Zhi Jin who was also a topic of discussion was something she didn’t mind.

At that moment, it was like something had been hurt.

It was something that people cared about most when they were young, self respect.

“But I’m not familiar with him.”  Gu Qing Nuo had the same smile as he whispered in her ear.

He didn’t understand, every girl that had shared a desk with him before always seemed to be filled with happiness.

But why was it that while she was at the same desk, she treated him like he was transparent?

It was like the one sitting beside her wasn’t someone popular, but rather some normal bystander.

“But…..”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lip with a look of difficulty and said, “We’re not too close either.”

Although she didn’t know if these kinds of words were abusive, no matter what, she didn’t want any unnecessary relationship with Gu Qing Nuo.

After all, he wasn’t anything good.

Gu Qing Nuo looked very embarrassed.  He scratched his head before saying, “You’re very special.”

Although he didn’t know if this special feeling was intentional or not, he couldn’t deny that he didn’t hate this kind of feeling.

Even if it was a bit awkward……

“Student Gu Qing Nuo in the third row, come up and answer this question.”

Gu Qing Nuo heard this and casually stood up.  Because he was good at english, he fluently answered the question which didn’t pose any difficulty at all.

The english teacher pushed up their glasses.  Because they couldn’t get any face back, they didn’t forget to add when he sat down, “Be more serious next time, don’t talk with your desk mate!”

After saying this, the eyes of everyone in the class fell onto Luo Qing Chen.


What was this situation?  How was this related to her?

After school, Bei Xiao Shi went to the Taekwondo club, so she didn’t go to the library with Luo Qing Chen.

Qiao Meng Tian also didn’t come find Ye Zhi Jin since she went to the painting club.

When they were casually talking, Ye Zhi Jin talked about the three years when she wasn’t with him.

His family had taken in a girl and that girl was Qiao Meng Tian.

Because of the debts of love from the previous generation, the repayment was being taken by the descendants.

“Things happened like this.”  Ye Zhi Jin gave a serious nod, as he completely erased the so called coupling.

“So my position as your childhood friend hasn’t been shaken yet!”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile, as her eyes sparkled with a bright glow.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 60%.]


This affection suddenly increased and it was a bit familiar……

Ye Zhi Jin heard her words and was clearly stunned, like she had said something incredible.

After a while, he calmed his emotions and gave a nod as he said, “Yes.”

She walked beside him, revealing a sweet smile.

This feeling seemed quite good.

But they never thought that when they walked into the library.

There wasn’t a single spot left, it had been filled with people.

Everyone’s eyes were on the boy by the window.  His lips were curled into a faint smile and he felt very happy.

When the familiar figure appeared by the door, his focused eyes fell right onto her.

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