Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 352

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Chapter 352: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 5)

The warm wind from the window blew over the youth’s clothes.  He could clearly feel that the moment she said science, his heart skipped a beat before it began beating faster.

She just leaned in her chair with a smile on her face.

Gu Qing Nuo at the same table placed his eyes on her young face and his eyes were filled with confusion.

It was like this was his first time being rejected by a girl……

There was something vague in his heart haunting him.

After class was over, class two’s Cheng Qian Zi and Qiao Meng Tian were waiting at the door for the two high profiled youths.

But their relationship didn’t seem too good……

“Qiao Meng Tian, are you shameless?  I was here first, alright?” Cheng Qian Zi angrily looked at Qiao Meng Tian, like her eyes were about to pop out.

She didn’t know why this Qiao Meng Tian kept opposing her!

Today she organized a conference for Qing Nuo, but she had come over and said: I always felt that Ye Zhi Jin was more handsome!

What a joke, there were even half the people who thought the same as her!?

Had the eyes of these people been shot out?  Blind!

“Did you build this road?”  Qiao Meng Tian wasn’t willing to show any weakness as she slightly knit her brows.

She was still a child with good upbringing, she couldn’t lose face for Ye Zhi Jin!

“The two at the door, you should go home and do homework after class!  Or do you want me to talk to your class two’s teacher and tell them that you need supplementary math class tonight?”  The math teacher angrily threw their chalk at the door as they roared out.

“Shua——”  All the eyes in the classroom fell onto the two girls outside the door.

Their faces turned red in shyness and quickly ran off.

The class was filled with laughter, as everyone looked over at Gu Qing Nuo and Ye Zhi Jin.

There were some rather naughty boys that teased, “There are quite a few handsome guys in our class, there will be waves of little fangirls running here.”

“Did I say class was over?”  The math teacher raised the chalk brush and threw it at a naughty student.

Very accurate and very strong!

After that, the math teacher wrote tonight’s homework on the board: Two pages of problems!

“Ah——”  Pitiful cries came from the class.

It had to be said, if one wanted to be good at something like math.

The most effective method was practice, practice, practice!

“Silence!”  The math teacher pushed up their glasses and said, “There will be a test next week and students that fail won’t get a weekend next month!  Study properly and practice hard, dismissed!”

Bei Xiao Shi patted her shoulder and said, “Qing Chen, there’s club sign ups today, let’s go take a look!”

“Ah——”  Luo Qing Chen had a mission, alright?  She didn’t have time for clubs!

“Let’s go!”  Bei Xiao Shi clasped her hands together, looking at her with a pleading gaze.

She could only helplessly nod as she said, “Alright!”

Ye Zhi Jin’s ears piqued slightly, silently listening to what they said while slowly packing up his bags.

When they got up to walk  out, Ye Zhi Jin quickly followed them.

When the two of them walked out the back door, she could clearly feel the hem of Ye Zhi Jin’s clothes touching her arm.

In that instant, she fell into the role that she should play.

A pure high school student, with her white face instantly being covered in a blush.

This feeling made her unconsciously lower her head and touch her slightly warm ears.

So this was what everyone experienced, a muddled heart.

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