Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 4)

After going to the office to pick up her uniform and textbooks, Luo Qing Chen went home early.

Although she wasn’t that interested in things like book bags, Bei Xiao Shi liked it, so she might as well follow her and buy some.

These book bags were neat and tidy, with her name and class written on it.  It was something that every young person had done before.

Only most people would only write everything neatly for the first few days.

After that……

They forgot everything!

The first class was math that Luo Qing Chen hated the most!

Properly speaking, the previous host’s grades weren’t bad, but they also weren’t good.  They were right in the middle.

It was a kind of transparent person that didn’t attract the teacher’s attention.

As for their seating……

Luo Qing Chen thought that things would change, but she never thought that she would be put at the same desk as Gu Qing Nuo!

What was the meaning of this, they wanted her to directly abuse this trash man?

Actually, Gu Qing Nuo at least wasn’t scum when they were still in high school.

At least during this time, he was wholeheartedly good to the previous host.

But after that, he had changed……

As for Ye Zhi Jin and Bei Xiao Shi, they were at the same table.  It was the same as before, they were right behind her in the same row, there was nothing different.

This kind of formation made it very hard for her to carry out her plans!

System, system, calling the system!  Tell me the affection! They were childhood friends, their affection shouldn’t be low!

[Yes, it’s 50%.]

This high!

Hearing the system’s voice, not only did she not feel happy, rather she was very afraid!

Normally speaking, with this kind of situation, there must be some kind of irreversible change that was secretly happening in this world!

“Luo Qing Chen, come up to the board and answer the question!”  A strict voice suddenly rang out, cutting off her conversation with the system!

What question?

There was a question that has never changed, why was it that all teachers could see when students were distracted?

What if a student was just thinking about the question?

What was the difference between thinking about the question and being distracted!?

Luo Qing Chen helplessly bit her lip and slowly stood up.  Seeing the numbers that filled the chalkboard, she was stunned……

Sorry, with the previous host’s skill, I really can’t answer this.

Gu Qing Nuo at the same desk slowly pushed his notes over with the answers already written down.

Her fingers moved slightly and she pushed back the notes.

After that, she slowly walked to the board.

Exchange for math skills!

[Ding, five hundred exchange points have been taken.  Successfully exchanged for math skills!]

In an instant, her mind was filled with numbers that eventually turned into a function.

She walked over to the board and softly picked up the white chalk before writing a set of equations on the board, solving the problem bit by bit.

“Un, very good!”  The math teacher’s voice was a bit awkward, but she still praised Luo Qing Chen.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t feel proud since this was a skill given by the system, not something that she had herself.

When she returned to her seat, Bei Xiao Shi tapped her shoulder with her pen and said in a small voice, “Not bad!  How did you suddenly improve in your most hated subject?”

“Because I’m going into science in the future!”  She pursed her lips, speaking in a normal voice, but the person behind her and to the left clearly heard everything.

Un, she said this just for Ye Zhi Jin to hear.

Everyone knew that Ye Zhi Jin was already far superior to everyone else in terms of math and science.

But with the previous host’s memorization skills, Ye Zhi Jin chose to study liberal arts in the end.

Perhaps the previous host didn’t understand the reason, but Luo Qing Chen as the host was very clear on the reason why.

He did it for her.

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