Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 3)

When she opened her eyes, she was holding the admission slip for Dream One High School.  She was wearing a blue and white uniform with hair that ran to her shoulder, looking very clean.

There was a rich tree fragrance in the air and taking a deep breath, she could feel that it was spring.

School life was always clean and beautiful, everything was filled with beginnings, permeated with the smell of innocent love.

“Qing Chen, congratulations on us spending three more years together.”  Bei Xiao Shi came up from behind her, patting her on the shoulder as she revealed a bright smile.

Luo Qing Chen quickly searched her mind for this girl.

She was the previous host’s best friend with a big personality, but was a rather cute girl.

“Un.”  She pursed her lips into a smile as she said, “I just wonder if we can be in the same class!”

According to the memories of the previous host, Bei Xiao Shi wasn’t in the same class as her!


Didn’t the system often say it?  The world had already changed from the moment the host appeared, so everything is possible in the future.

[If you want Bei Xiao Shi to be in the same class, it requires 500 exchange points.]

??? Extortion!

[The host can choose, will you exchange or not!]


She already wasn’t the Luo Qing Chen who couldn’t even exchange for a mace, alright?

Luo Qing Chen did this because she was thinking about the previous host’s past high school life.

Her table had always been empty, she was especially alone……

Without knowing why, although the consciousness was hers, she wanted this body to feel the warmth of a friend.

Standing at the gates of Dream One High School and looking at the class list, Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled into a faint smile.

Everything was starting over again!

This spring like plane was just officially beginning!

As a first year high school student, the first experience would naturally be the welcoming ceremony.

The freshmen representative was Gu Qing Nuo with his refreshing smile that was like the sun.

He stood on the stage reading his speech, becoming the center of attention for everyone.

With his white clothes under the sun, he looked incredibly handsome.

This was Gu Qing Nuo, the first person that everyone paid attention to.  The recognized school hunk of Dream One High School.

That’s right, there was another school hunk.

That was mister childhood friend who grew up in the same pair of pants as the previous host, Ye Zhi Jin.

His edge was very different from Gu Qing Nuo, he was a very silent boy.

At the night of the orientation, he played a City Night on the stage and became known as the same as Gu Qing Nuo, one of the school hunks of Dream One High School.

Luo Qing Chen never forgot that night.  Ye Zhi Jin’s slender fingers kept dancing on the piano keys, as the beautiful ‘ding dong ding dong’ sounds hit her ears.

His face had the rebellious look of a youth and his deep eyes were like ink that wouldn’t dissolve, looking that good.

“Ah, ah, ah, Ye Zhi Jin is so handsome!”

“He really is like a prince, ze, ze!  I really envy his future princess…..”

“Damn, you wouldn’t be talking about me, right!”

“Please look at yourself in some sunglasses, alright?  Could it be that you don’t know he already has quite a good coupling for him in middle school?  What was she called…..Qiao Meng Tian, right! It was Qiao Meng Tian!”

“Is that true!”

“It is!  I’ve heard that the two school hunks didn’t get put in the same class as their coupling.  Aiya, we of the seventh class might have a chance!”



Luo Qing Chen heard the gossip around her and her lips curled slightly.

Bei Xiao Shi excitedly tapped her shoulder and said, “Our classmate Luo Qing Chen seems quite calm!”

“Our classmate Bei Xiao Shi also doesn’t seem excited!”

“You know that I’m not a fan girl, I’m not interested in handsome guys!”  She shoved potato chips into her mouth while saying, “I’m only interested in eating.”

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